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Amol Bose has spent for a long day in the movie.

Amol Bose is a Bangladeshi actor. Basically he was a comedy actor in Bangladesh. He was born in Faridpur. He is very intelligent, brilliant and popular actor. He has acted in the many movies. His first coming is appeared by theater, TV and radio performance and he started his career in 1963. His first film was in Raja Sanyashi in 1966. Amol was very hard-worker actor. To heard his name the viewers as though to become very excited for his. In the film, he comes after as if success becomes regularly.

Well known comedy actor Amol

Amol Bose has worked some cinema. His acted movie is Abichar, Neel Akasher Nichey, Sonali Akash, Mohua, Phulshojja, Rangin Gunai BIbi, Chandra Dwiper Rajkonya, Rajlokkhi Srikanto, and Ami Shei Meye and so on. He was attended in the some TV Program and there was good performance and for that he has become successfully and has taken viewers mind. His directed movie was Keno Emon Hoy.

Amol Bose has worked very hardly

His success and fame is spread in all Bangladesh. Amol Bose has spent for a long day in the film industry. As an actor he has recognized many awards and approvals. Besides, He has got National films awards for many movies. He has got for best co-artist in Ajker Protibad film. He was a good actor. But Amol Bose is no more today and he died on 23 January 2012 because of heart attack.

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