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Anju Ghosh most well known star to all

Anju Ghosh is a Bangladeshi and Kolkata actress. She has worked both Dhallywood and Tollywood. At the case of both her contribution has spread. She is a magician actress in the film of Bangladesh. As her acting is very charming able as she is looked at noticeable. Her acting is spread in all Bangladesh. She is very intelligent and brilliant actress. She comes in film win after Beder Meye Josna cinema. Ghosh was also became popular in the film. Besides, she is also cinema as Rajar Meya Parul, Bedenir Prem, Garial Bhai, Kumari Maa, Chondon Diper Raj Konna etc.

Brilliant film performer Anju Ghosh

Anju was very popular actress and also more favorite to directors and producer to Bangladeshi as well as ever now is popular. The Film of different directors and producers has worked as an actress. She wanted to look at herself as a famous celebrity. To watch her cinema, viewers are very got pleasurable. Besides, viewers are wanted to watch her cinema daily. Ghosh is worked not only Bangladesh but also India Bangle. Her acting is also popular in India Bangle.

Anju Ghosh with various kinds of actor

Anju has earned viewers mind at a little time. She has acting different kinds of character and she has worked with many actors such as Ilias Kanchan, Taps Paul, Chiranjit, Washim and so on. She was worked to become pair with Illias Kanchon and more became successful in the several cinemas. From the first time, she has gift different cinema for viewers. She would like to continue her profession. She has got different awards and approvals. Anju Ghosh has got many national and others prizes.

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