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Arfin Rumey is a young generation’s most popular singer

Popular singer of young generation is Arfin Rumey. To hear his name as if young boys and girls are very charming. Not only young generations but also old man is appealing. Basically, he is a Bangladeshi composer, musician and modeling of song. Arefin was born on September 23, 1984. In the field of sing, his contribution is very charming. As a singer, he is a good singer. Viewers heard his song as if excited for him. From the first time, he is more success when her album published.

Arfin Rumey
Arfin Rumey

Favorite musician Arefin Rumey

His come get started from “Closeup 1” in the media entertainment. Arfin joined Bangladesh Band “Durbin” and its successful song called “Shopno Dana” is composed by him. Actually, he added traditional Bengali folk music with modern. His first album released “Arfin Rumey” from “Rage Records” in 2008 and in 2009 his 2nd album released from “Laser Visioni”.

Arfin Rumey well known singer

When he come stage of song, all viewers is very excited for hearing his song. Arfin has sung in the many movies. For a long day, he has been singing in the movies song. His song hears lip of the many actors. For the long day, Arefin sang to become pair with many signers and more became successful. From the first time, he has gift different newly songs for viewers. Moreover, going to other countries, he has participated to big function. He is continued her profession. In the future, he will also gift better song for all. Arfin Rumey has got approvals and others prizes.

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