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Bagerhat District, who was founder it ? know?

Bagerhat district is in south-western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Khulna division. This district is the 4th largest city in Bangladesh. Khan Jahan Ali was the founder of this area and the town. This subdivision was turned into a district in 1984. It has an area of 3959.11 sq km. This district is surrounded by Gopalgan and Narail districts on the north, the Bay of Bengal on the south, Gopalganj, Pirojpur and Barguna districts on the east and Khulna district on the west. The Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christian and others are lived in Bagerhat district. Ethnic people are also lived in this district. This district is famous for different reason.

Bagerhat district information

This district has many educational institutions such as private medical college, physical education college, homeopath college, technical college, PTI, vocational institutions in Bagerhat, government colleges, non-government colleges, government high schools, non-government high schools and many other junior schools, government and non-government primary schools, madrasa etc. Educational field is many progressed in Bagerhat district. Boys and girls are gone to school and college. As a result, every family is very conscious to education fact.
Few local daily and weekly newspapers are published in Bangle and English. Different newspapers are Daily Sunderban, Daily Doratana, Daily Dokhin Kantho, Weekly Banonchol, Weekly khan Jahan, Weekly Panguchi, Weekly Mongla etc. Here newspapers are more developed.

Bagerhat district map
Bagerhat district map

Different kinds of occupations

This district is mixed up different activities like agriculture, agricultural laborer, commerce, service, employer, wage laborer, fishing, transport and others. Besides, agriculture is main occupation in this district. Paddy, wheat, jute, sugarcane, potato, banana, onion, garlic, spices are several cultivated crops in here. Main fruits are sabeda, mango, jackfruit, banana, papaya etc. Besides, there are many mills and factories in this district for example ice factories, rice mills, wheat mills, cement industry, LPG plant, saw mills and others. For all these factories, different poor people are livelihood. Bagerhat district is main exports as paddy, fish, coconut, betel nut, betel leaf, honey etc. This district is to export a lot of fish in other countries. Consequently, from it are more profits. Moreover, Mongla two seaports are located in this district. For Bangladesh it is very important place. This district is earning a lot of foreign exchange for huge production. There are main rivers in this district as Panguchi, Daratana, Madhumati, Pasur, Haringhata, Mongla, Baleswar, Bangra and Goshairkhali. Those rivers are more useful for this district.

Bagerhat district picture
Bagerhat picture

Tourist spots in this district

Tourist spots are located for enjoying like Shatgombuj mosque, port of Mongla, Sundarban, Sona mosque, Khan Jahan Ali’s tomb, Khan Jahan Ali’s Tank, Ghora Dighi, Kodla Math or Ayudha Math, Durgapur Shiva Math, Nine domed mosque, Pacha Dighi, Kuthibari and Rajbari of Bangram. Among them Shatgambuj Mosque is famous for Khan Jahan Ali’s mazar. This district is very nice to see and its tourist spots are more beautiful. Every year a lot of foreigner are come to look at. Besides, many educational institution’s student are come to picnic in here. Bagerhat district have many communication systems. Buses, train, waterways are main announcement mode. Besides, here is so other mode.

This district is more developed in all side and every person is more sincere in any fact. In future, this district will more residential.

Upazilas of Bagerhat district: Bagerhat sadar upazila, Chitalmari upazila, Fakirhat upazila, Kachua upazila, Mollahat upazila, Mongla upazila, Morrelganj upazila, Rampal upazila and Sarankhola upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper:, monglanews24.

Post Code Numbers: Bagerhat Sadar- 9300, P.C College- 9301, Rangdia- 9302, Chalna Ankorage- 9350, Mongla Port- 9351, Chitalmari- 9360, Barabaria- 9361, Fakirhat- 9370, Mansa- 9371, Bhanganpar Bazar- 9372, Kachua- 9310, Sonarkola- 9311, Mollahat- 9380, Kahalpur- 9381, Dariala- 9382, Charkulia- 9383, Nagarkandi- 9384, Pak Gangni- 9385, Morelganj- 9320, Sannasi Bazar- 9321, Telisatee- 9322, Rampal- 9340, Foylahat- 9341, Sonatunia- 9342, Gourambha- 9343, Rayenda- 9330.

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