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Bandarban District is declared as a heritage area

Bandarban district is the most remote district in Bangladesh and it is the most tourist spots. Bandarban means ‘The Dam of Monkeys’. It is situated on the Chittagong division and it is located from 75km to Chittagong on the south-east. It is a hilly city. Rangamati district is located on the north of this district, Arakan (Myanmar) on the south, Mejoram and Myanmar of the India on the east and Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar on the west. It is surrounded by the river NAF on the south. This district mostly consists of forests and hills. The British government declared as a forest zone because of this district vast forest area devoid of human settlement.

Bandarban district information

The Arakanese were permanently settled in Bandarban after the British power in Arakan. This district is the most attractive travel place for the tourist. The four major mountain ranges of the district are the Meranja, Wailatong, Tambang and Politai, Bagakain or Baga Lake is notable.


However, this district was established in 1983. Total area of this district is 4479 Sq km. There are dakbungalows, cinema hall, public libraries, community center and playgrounds in Bandarban district. This district have people of four religions. Besides, at least 15 Ethnic groups of peoples live this district like Marma, Murang, Tripura, Bawn, Tanchangya, Chakma, Chak, Khyang, Khumi, Lushel and the Pankho. Few daily newspaper and magazine published from this district. Newspapers name are Jug Rabi, Natun Bangladesh and periodical is- sangu.

Different kinds of activities

All most of the people of Bandarban are involved to agricultural activities. The farmer cultivated mainly Paddy and fruits and also cotton, tobacco and vegetables. The Shankha, Mathamuhuri and the Bakkhali rivers are situated in Bandarban district. Main crops are paddy, mustard, cotton, tobacco etc. Main fruits of this district are banana, pineapple, jackfruit, orange and papaya.

Bandarban district picture
Bandarban picture

The four mountains Mejanja, Wailatong, Politai and Tambang have charmed this area. Chimbuk peak and Boga Lake are the most attractive for the tourist. The Security System of the majority area of this district is so risk. But recent time, the government has taken step to develop the security and information technology of this area. All ready the government has declared as a heritage area in Bandarban district.

Upazilas of Bandarban district: Ali Kadam upazila, Bandarban sadar upazila, Lama upazila, Naikhongchhari upazila, Rowangchhari upazila, Ruma upazila and Thanchi upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspaper: Natun Bangladesh

Post Code Numbers: Alikadam- 4650, Bandarban Sadar- 4600, Naikhong- 4660, Roanchhari- 4610, Ruma-4620, Thanchi- 4630, Lama- 4641.

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