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Barisal District is a main headquarters in the town. know?

Barisal is a district and division to the Southern-central in Bangladesh. Earlier Bakergonj district was located in east-Bengal. So, the next time Barisal was fixed in lie of Bakergonj. Pirojpur district is bounded by the north of it. Its area is about 4,300 squire mile. It is about 180 mile in the east from Calcutta. Barisal district have many tourist spots. It had a population of 2,291,000 at the 2011 census opinion. About 53.28% are male of total population and female about 46.72%. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religions of people live here. The tribal people Marma also live in there.There are available educational institution for the students in this district such as- Govt. B M College, Govt. Barisal College, Govt. Hatem Ali College, Govt. Woman’s College, Best Link Future Development Foundation (Barisal campus). Sher-e-Bangla Medical College is also located there.

Barisal district map
Barisal district map

Barisal district information

All most of the people of Barisal are involved to agriculture activities. The main source of economic in here is mostly farming and fishing. The annual average temperature is 35.1°C, minimum 12.1°C and annual rainfall is 1955m.
Barisal district published few local daily newspaper and magazine like- The Daily Dokhinonchol, Daily Pollionchal, Shanama, Banglar Bonea, Ajker Barta, Ajker Poriborton, Motobad, Shoto Songbad, Barisal Barta, Bhorer Ongiker, Barisal Pratidin, Biplobi Bangladesh as well as Weekly Barisal and so on.

Barisal district picture
Barisal picture

Tourist spots for public entertainment

There are many tourist spots for the public entertainment like- Abadullah mosque, Oscine Kumar town hall, Durgasagar dighi, Mukundo Dasar kalibari, Bibir pond site, Guthea mosque and Bongobondu uddan etc. Bangobandhu uddan was Bell Park in the former name. Durgasagar pond or dighi is an ancient interesting place in this district. This pond is southern of Bangladesh. It is situated at Madhabpasa village of Babugonj upazilla more than 11 km away from barisal town. It is the largest pond or dighi in the country. According to a desire of Rani Durgavati, her mother Raja Jonarayan was dug this dighi in 1780. The government renovated this dighi in 1975. There are two ghats each having 15m width. A lot of migratory birds come to this dighi during the winter season. Transportation is mainly by road and waterways. Many people came to see this wonderful place every year. Barisal district play important role in many ways to develop our country economy.

Upazilas of Barisal district: Agailjhara upazila, Babuganj upazila, Bakerganj upazila, Banaripara upazila, Barisal sadar upazila, Gaurnadi upazila, Hizla upazila, Mehendiganj upazila, Muladi upazila and Wazirpur upazila.

Government district portal:

Online Newspapers: barisalnews, shahnamabd.

Post Code Numbers: Agailzhara- 8240, Gaila- 8241, Paisarhat- 8242, Babuganj- 8210, Rahamatpur- 8211, Chandpasha- 8212, Madhabpasha- 8213, Thakur Mallik- 8214, Nizamuddin College- 8215, Barisal Cadet- 8216, Barajalia- 8260, Osman Manjil- 8261, Barisal Sadar- 8200, Bukhainagar- 8201, Saheberhat- 8202, Sugandia- 8203, Patang- 8204, Kashipur- 8205, Jaguarhat- 8206, Gouranadi- 8230, Tarki Bandar- 8231, Kashemabad- 8232, Batajor- 8233, Mahendiganj- 8270, Laskarpur- 8271, Ulania- 8272, Nalgora- 8273, Langutia- 8274, Muladi- 8250, Kazirchar- 8251, Charkalekhan- 8252, Sahebganj- 8280, Charamandi- 8281, Padri Shibpur- 8282, Shialguni- 8283, kalaskati- 8284, Uzirpur- 8220, Dhamura- 8221, Jugirkanda- 8222, Dakuarhat- 8223, Shikarpur- 8224.

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