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Bhola District was known as Bhola Island. Know?

Bhola district is to the South-Western side of the country. Basically it was an island of Bhola in before. It is the largest island of Bangladesh. Then it becomes into a district. Name of this district was given according to a person. That persons name was Bhola Gazi patnee. He was a boatman of Baytua River. Other upazila of Bhola was also given according to different person’s name. At first this district was established under Noakhali district in 1845. Then it was included to Barisal district in 1869. This district is a part of the Barisal division. This district is bounded by the Lakshmipur and Barisal districts to the north, Bay of Bengal to the South, Lakshmipur and Noakhali districts, Meghna River and Shahbazpur Channel to the east. Patuakhali district and Tentulia River is to the west of this district.

Bhola district map
Bhola district map

Bhola district information

In the next time, it was established on 1 February 1984. Its area is 3403.48 Sq Kilometers. There is a Memorial statue at char Jangle as the memory of brave Bangles of 1971. This district have more than 1676600 populations. Among them male are 51.17% and female 48.83%. Among them the Muslims 93.42%, Buddhist 0.02%, Hindu 6.50% and Christian 0.02% religions people are also lived here. There are available educational institution for the students Bhola district. This district has government and non-government colleges, government high schools, non-government high schools and many other government, non-government junior and primary schools.

Bhola district picture
Bhola picture

Natural gas and crops of this district

There are about 400mmcf natural gas. Among them Shahbazpur Gas field is one of them. It is situated at Kachi Union under Burhanuddin Upazila quantity of gas 0.5938 TCF. 0.3340TCF gas is procurable. This district is main crops like-paddy, potato, onion, chilli, garlic, mustard seed, nut, berel leaf, betel nut etc and main fruits-coconut, jackfruit, papaya, amra, banana etc. This district are many mills and factories such as-rice mill, ice factory, saw mill, flour mill, oil mil, soap factory, bread and biscuit factory, welding, lathe machine etc. There are main exports-paddy, betel nut chilli and fish. There are many places of tourist spots for the public entertainment like- Bhola Shishu Park, Bhorhanuddin hallypath and Monpura etc. Bhola Shishu Park and Bhorhanuddin hallypath are interesting place for the public. Monpura is an ancient Island with Natural scenery. Few local daily newspaper and magazine published from this district. Bhola district play important role in many ways to develop our country economy.

Upazilas of Bhola district: Bhola sadar upazila, Burhanuddin upazila, Char Fasson upazila, Daulatkhan upazila, Lalmohan upazila, Manpura upazila and Tazumuddin upazila.

Government district portal:

Online Newspaper: shahnamabd

Post Code Numbers: Bhola Sadar- 8300, Joynagar- 8301, Borhanuddin UPO- 8320, Mirzakalu- 8321, Charfashion- 8340, Dularhat- 8341, Keramatganj- 8342, Doulatkhan- 8310, Hajipur- 8311, Hajirhat- 8360, Hatshoshiganj- 8350, Lalmohan UPO- 8330, Daurihat- 8331, Gazaria- 8332.

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