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Bogra District, Mahastangar is tourist spot of this District.

Bogra district is a traditional ancient town of Bangladesh and it is located in northern Bangladesh. It is included to Rajshahi division. It is called the gateway to the north Bengal. Ancient Pundravardhana was a part of this district. Bogra was the capital of Pundravardhana. This district is famous for Pundravardhana’s historical principles. At past, it was one of the kingdoms of eastern India which are now known as Mahasthangarh. It was established in 1884. Then this district was divided into two (Bogra and Joypurhat) districts in 1983. It has area of 2919.9 sq km. On the north of this district are Joypurhat and Gaibandha district, the Chalan Beel, Natore and Sirajganj district on the south, Jamuna River and Jamalpur district on the east, part of Chalan Beel, Naogan and Natore district on the west. The Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other ethnic people also live in this district. Most people of Bogra district are muslim.

Bogra district map
Bogra district map

Bogra district information

This district have many educational institute for example government and non-government primary school, government and non-government secondary school and college and university. Literacy rate is very hopefully.
From this district are Published daily and weekly newspapers. For this district is also enriched. Some newspapers are Daily Karatoa, Daily Chandni Bazaar, Daily Durjoy Bangla, Daily Aaj Aagamikal, Daily Bogra, Daily Uttar Kon, Daily Satmatha, Daily Sokaler Anando, weekly Surjo Toron, Weekly Bijoy Bangla, Weekly Hatiar and Weekly Borendro Barta.
Agriculture activities are the main occupation people of the Bogra district. Here lands are very fertile for agriculture cultivation. Different crops are plenty grow like jute, paddy, sugarcane and pulses. Some fruits are mango, jackfruit, pineapple, dates, lemon, and papaya and so on. Jamuna Bridge had enhanced all kinds of trade and commerce in this district. Some rivers are located in this district like the Bangali, the Karatoya, the Jamuna, the Nagar and the Tulshiganga. Katatoya, Nagar, Bangali and Ichanati are the main rivers.

Bogra district picture
Bogra picture

Tourist spots

The town is famous for its cultural activities. There are many tourist spots in this district such as Mahastangar, Chalan Beel and Jamuna Bridge and so on. Besides, Mahastangar’s character is not less. It is to see very nice. It is also popular place for the tourists because near of this place has Behular Bashor Ghar. It is very attractive for tourists. Moreover, Bogra district have different kinds of games and sports for example Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Handball, Kabadi, Banmiltom and swimming. Some cricket stadiums have in this district like Shahid Chandu Stadium, Altafunnessa Stadium etc.
Bogra district is many developed in many ways day by day. Their economies are much enriched. Bangladesh government has to take decision also develop.

Upazilas of Bogra district: Adamdighi upazila, Bogra sadar upazila, Dhunat upazila, Dupchanchia upazila, Gabtali upazila, Kahaloo upazila, Nandigram upazila, Sahajanpur upazila, Sariakandi upazila, Sherpur upazila, Shibganj upazila, and Sonatala upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: karatoa.

Post Code Numbers: Adamdighi- 5890, Santahar- 5891, Nasharatpur- 5892, Bogra Sadar- 5800, Bogra Canttonment- 5801, Dhunat- 5850, Gosaibari- 5851, Dupchachia- 5880, Talora- 5881, Gabtoli- 5820, Sukhanpukur- 5821, Kahalu- 5870, Nandigram- 5860, Sariakandi- 5830, Chandan Baisha- 5831, Sherpur- 5840, Chandaikona- 5841, Palli Unnyan Accadem- 5842, Shibganj- 5810, Sonatola- 5826.

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