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Botanical garden is very mesmerizing place

Botanical garden is charming and comfortable garden. Since, it was well planned and established in 1961. It is managed by Bangladesh Forest Department under Ministry of Environment and Forest Government of Bangladesh.
Because, Dhaka don’t have more tree as a result Dhaka city is many hot. After several years, we would to see that the whole Bangladesh might be turned into desert. However, it is situated in Mirpur and it became also interesting matter that it is just beside of the National zoo. For this, this garden is also attractive. This garden located about 84hectres along area and divided into 57 sections. It is very big garden. Its around is green and green.

Species of this garden

This garden built on area of 205 acres of land. There are approximately 50,000 plants and trees of 1200 species. Rose garden is main attraction of this garden. There are approximately 300 species of roses in this garden. Besides, there are many exotic plants in this garden. They are -Anthurium (Anthurium crystallinum), Camphor (Cinamomum camphora), Rabbit Fern (Davallia canariensis), Dambia (Dombeya spectabilis), white ‘Rangan’ (Ixora superba), little Mussanda (Mussaenda luteola), Amazon Lily (Victoria amazonica), ‘Harhjora’ (Vitis quadrangularis), African Tulip (Spathodea campanulata), Sambucuas (Sambucus nigra), white ‘Chandan’ (Santalum album), etc.

National Botanical garden picture
National Botanical garden picture

Attractive places of this garden

There are also thing in this garden. As such- criss-crossing lake, watch deck, artificial water fall, bridge over the lake and about the thousands of migratory birds are the main attractions of the National Botanical Garden in the winter. There are own and exotic both of plants. This garden is displayed like of picture everything. Specially, this garden have a house.

Botanical garden Dhaka photo
Botanical garden Dhaka photo

Free atmosphere in this garden

Anyone poet came here, he can find his poems new language. Besides, the forest land is very decrease day by day. For this, it is very necessary. Every man want live in free environment. So, everyday many people come here to enjoy this garden.

Botanical garden Mirpur, Dhaka
Botanical garden Mirpur, Dhaka

Every morning old and young people come here at jogging. Moreover, the lovers come also here in every moment. However, the place is very nice and charming. We are very happy for this Botanical garden.


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