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Brahmanbaria District located on the east-central Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very little country but there are many districts in this country. Brahmanbaria district is one of them. It is a part of the Chittagong division. This town is called cultural capital of Bangladesh. It was famous for producing quality of cloth Muslim during the Mughal era. Besides it has a rich tradition of development art, education, culture and birth place of some famous face have here like Ustad Allauddin Khan, Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin and Al Mahmud. It was made one of the 3 sub-divisions of Comilla district by the British rulers in 1860. Then it was separated from this district in 1984. This district is bounded by Kishorganj and Habiganj district on the north, Comilla district on the south, Habiganj and Tripura state, India on the east. Besides the Meghna River, Kishoregonj district, Narsingdi district and Narayanganj district are on the west of this district.

Brahmanbaria district information

This district has total area of 1927.11 sq km. The Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu and Christian live in this district. Moreover, the others ethnic people also live here.

Brahmanbaria district map
Brahmanbaria district map

This district have many educational institutions like college, school and university. Some local daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals are published in this district for example Daily Brahmanbaria, Daily Titas Kantho, Daily Pratibedan, Daily Samatat Barta, Daily Akusher Alo, Daily Porojabondhu, Daily Ajker Halchal, Daily Dindarpon, Daily Kurulia, Daily Shorod, Daily Choler Poth, Daily Fruntiar, Daily Ajker Brahamanbaria, Weekly Paranbridge, Weekly Esrak, Weekly Notun Matra, Weekly Kalomer Kotha etc. Some Periodicals are Sahitya Academy Patrika, Nasirnagar Barta, Sarail Barta, Muktaprabaha etc.

Different kinds of occupations

Most of the people of the this district are involved to agriculture activities. Besides, some people are caught by other activities like Job, Business, fishing etc. By low-lying land with small hills and hillocks of red soil is characterized the geography of the district. There are many rivers in this district such as Meghna River, Titas River, Buri, Haora, Mehedi and Akashi haors. Among them of the main river are the Meghna River, the Titas River, Buri and Haora.

Brahmanbaria district picture
Brahmanbaria picture

Brahmanbaria district has many tourist spots like Arphail Sagardighi Mosque and Twin Graves, Arphannesa Mosque, Bhadurghar Shahi Mosque, Ulchapara Mosque, Tomb of Kalla Shahid, Kalbhairab Mandir, Sree Sree Anandamoye Ashram at Kasba, Satidaha Mandir, Shiva Mandir, Sarvadharma Samanya Mandir, Jagannath Mandir, Bishnu Statue, Buddhist Viharas, Kailaghar Jangal etc. Every year, many foreign and native visitors come here to see this attractive spots.
Brahmanbaria district has many development different ways. The authority of this district is sincere for develop of this district and here economy is very progress.

Upazilas of Brahmanbaria district: Akhaura upazila, Bancharampur upazila, Brahmanbaria sadar upazila, Kasba upazila, Nabinagar upazila, Nasirnagar upazila, Sarail upazila, Ashuganj upazila and Bijoynagar upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: newsbrahmanbaria,,

Post Code Numbers: Akhaura- 3450, Azampur- 3451, Gangasagar- 3452, Banchharampur- 3420, Brahamanbaria Sadar- 3400, Talshahar- 3401, Ashuganj- 3402, Ashuganj Share- 3403, Poun- 3404, Kasba- 3460, Kuti- 3461, Chandidar- 3462, Chargachh- 3463, Gopinathpur- 3464, Nabinagar- 3410, Laubfatehpur- 3411, Rasullabad- 3412, Shamgram- 3413, Ratanpur- 3414, Shahapur- 3415, Kaitala- 3417, Salimganj- 3418, Jibanganj- 3419, Nasirnagar- 3440, Fandauk- 3441, Sarial- 3430, Shahbajpur- 3431, Chandura- 3432.

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