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Chandpur District is a central East of Bangladesh

Chandpur district is a part Chittagong division. Its around is surrounded by ever green. Before becoming of district it was a part of Noakhali district. It is an important river port in the south-central Bangladesh. This district is known as major jute shopping center. It is situated on the Meghna and Padma rivers. The two rivers are major rivers there. These include the Dakatia River, Dhanagoda River, Matlab River and Udhamdi River. It is connecting link between the Munshiganj and Comilla district on the north side. Noakhali, Lakshmipur and Barisal district to the south side, Shariatpur district and Munshiganj district to west.

Chandpur district information

This district was established in 1984. Total area of this district is 1704.06 Sq km. There is available educational institution for the students this district. Some cultural organizations are here for the public entertainment like Shah Dargah, Begum Mosque, Hajiganj Bara Mosque, Suja Mosque, Alamgri Mosque, Mada Khan Mosque, Kalimandir at Matlab, Pata of Behula at Ujani, ramnants of the fort at Nasir Court, Kali Bari at Meher, Neelkuthi at Shahebganj, Baraduara at Kasimbazar, Kalibari Mandir (1878) at Chandpur Sadar etc. Few daily newspaper and weekly magazine published from this district such as Daily Chandpur Kantha, Dainik Chandpur Darpan, Weekly Chandpur, Weekly Chandpur Sangbad, Rupasi, Dibachitra, Hajiganj, Manabsamaj etc.

Chandpur district map
Chandpur district map

All most of the people of this district are involved to agricultural activities. Main crops are paddy, potato, wheat, jute, mustard seed, betel nut and sugarcane. There are main exports hilsa fish, shrimp, betel nut and potato. Manufacturing plants are some jute mills, rice and flour mills, ice factories, cold storage plants, iron workshops, match factories etc. International center for diarrhea disease research, Bangladesh is situated in Chandpur distric.

Chandpur district picture
Chandpur district picture

Organizations of this district

More than 450 voluntary organizations established in this district. At least 15 women organizations are here. Some NGO institutes are BRAC, ASA, CARE, Grameem Bank, Autta Nibedita, Aman, DPHE, BRVS, VOSD Save Our Life etc. This district is annual average temperature maximum 34.3°C, minimum 12.7°C. Annual average rainfall is 2551mm. All most of the commercial products are transported by waterways like cement, oil, fuel, grains and salt. Traditional transports are palanquin, bullock cart and horse drawn carriage moreover rickshaws, buses, bicycles, automobiles and railway systems. Chandpur district is also important waterway.

Upazilas of Chandpur district: Chandpur sadar upazila, Faridganj upazila, Haimchar upazila, Haziganj upazila, Kachua upazila, Matlab upazila, Motlob uttor upazila and Shahrasti upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: chandpur-kantho, chandpurnews, chandpurweb.

Post Code Numbers: Chandpur Head Office – 3600, Purana Bazar – 3601, Baburhat – 3602, Sahatali- 3603, Faridganj- 3650, Candra – 3651, Rupsha – 3652, Gridakalindia- 3653, Rampur bazar – 3654, Islampur Saha, IASMIN Senior Madrasa – 3655, Haimchor- 3660, Gandamara – 3661, Hajiganj- 3610, Balakhal – 3611, Kachua- 3630, Pak srirampur- 3631, Rahima Nagar – 3632, Sachar – 3633, Matlabganj, Matlab Thana- 3640, Mohanpur – 3641, Kalipura Bazar- 3642, Chagarchar – 3643, Shahrasti – 3620, Khil Bazar 3621, Weast Kherihar Al-Zamia Islamia Madrasa- 3622, Chitosi- 3623.

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