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Chapainawabganj district is called it capital for mango

Chapainawabganj  district is to the north-west side of Bangladesh. It is a part of Rajshahi division. It is bounded by the Rajshahi and Noagoan district on the east. West bengal of India is bounded by the west, south and north side in this district. Since time, it was a sub-division of malda district in India. After the independence of Bangladesh the malda district became a separate of Bangladesh in 1984. Alivardi Khan founded Nowabganj town which in course of time known as Nawabganj. To change this name, it was given Chapainawbganj on 1st August 2001.

Chapainawabganj district information

Its area is 1744.33 Sq Kilometers. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. There are many mosques, temples, and Buddhist temples in this district. Besides, Jora Math is the famous Buddhist monastery and Naoda Stupa is the Buddhist monument. A lot of ethnic groups of people also live in this district.
There is available educational institution for the students the this district. Few local daily newspaper and magazine published from this district.

Chapainawabganj district map
Chapainawabganj district map

All most of the people of this district are involved to agriculture and fishing activities. Paddy, jute, wheat, oil seeds, pulses and betel leaf and sugarcane are main crops of this district. Mango, jackfruit, banana, black berry, palm, and coconut, are the major fruits in this district. The Gagnesand and Mahananda are main rivers of this district. Moraganga, Punarbhaba and pagla rivers are situated in this district.
There are a number of rivers flows in Chapainawabganj district. For this, people of this district are very interested about fisheries. So, almost people depend on the river like fishing and few businesses related to the rivers.
Chapainawabganj is very famous for Mango. For this in this district is also called the capital of mango. A lot of mangoes produce in this district. Lots of mangoes are produced every year in the entire summer in this district. From it, every year in this district are many earned and economic wheel is very expectation. Shibganj, Bholahat and Gamostapur are main part of mango manufacture.

Chapainawabganj district picture
Chapainawabganj district picture

Tourist spots and different kinds of industries

Addition of more than six thousands and seven hundreds cottage industries including silk, bell-metal and brass works, copper, weaving and Nakshi katha, potteries, hand fans, decorated shika, bamboo and cane-works etc.
Chapainawabganj district has many tourist spot like Choto Sona Mosque, Mass grave of Bangladesh Liberation war, BDR compound, Chapai Mosque, Baragharia Kacharibari, Adina College and Idrishi Bhaban, Zannat View etc. Besides, this Beel Bhatia, Beel Singra, Beel Hogla, Beel Putimari, Sukrabari Damos, Beel Anal, Maricha Dara, Kumiradaha, Beel Choral Darashbari Mosque, Naoda Stupa, Rajbari palace and Nachole Palace are the noted depressions in this district. This district was attracting matter that Gombhira gaan is one kind of folk song popular in this district and the northeaster part of Bangladesh.
Chapainawabganj district play important role in many ways to develop our country economy. This district is very attractive. Every year visitors come from different place to enjoy this nice nature. Besides, foreigners also come here to see.

Upazilas of Chapainawabganj district: Gomostapur upazila, Bholahat upazila, Nachol upazila, Nawabganj sadar upazila and Shibganj upazila.

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Post Code Numbers: Bholahat- 6330, Chapinawbganj Sadar- 6300, Rajarampur- 6301, Ramchandrapur- 6302, Amnura- 6303, Nachol- 6310, Mandumala- 6311, Rohanpur- 6320, Gomashtapur- 6321, Shibganj U.P.O- 6340, Kansart- 6341, Manaksha- 6342.

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