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Chittagong District is also public varsity and medical college

Chittagong district is a second capital city of Bangladesh. It is Located in the south-eastern side of the country. This district is surrounded by river, sea and hill. It is the largest port city of the county. Basically it is known as large port. It is the city for sell abroad and introduce. In 16th and 17th century, this region fell under the rules of kings from Arakans during the 17th century this area faced a lot of attacks by Portuguese pirates. It was established in 1666 by Mughal Empire. The Chittagong Hill Tracts and the cox`s Bazar was under this district before in 1860. In 1860, Chittagong Hill tract were separated from this district. Cox`s Bazar was separated from Chittagong in 1984.

Chittagong district information

The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. There is available educational institution for the students this district. There is a public University and a medical college and Hospital in Chittagong. A lot of cultural organizations are here for the public entertainment like-Zilla Shilpo Kala Academy, Fayez Lake, Chittagong Zoo, Patenga sea-beach and Parke sea-beach. This district have some cinema hall like- Aalmas, Diner, Bonani complex, Cinema palace, ghumur, Maladi, Sagorika, Navy hall and Purobi.

Chittagong district map
Chittagong district map

Some newspapers and magazines

Few daily and weekly newspaper and magazine published from Chittagong district. Newspapers name are Daily Purbokone, Daily Azadi, Life and Karnaphuli. There are few stadiums for football and cricket’s game such as M.A Aaziz Stadium, Jour Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium and Railway polo ground field. There are popular cricket stars in this district. Tamim Iqbal and Aftab Ahmed are of them. All most of the people of this district are involved to agricultural activities. But most of the largest industries of the country are situated in Chittagong district. The Kornophuli River has falls in this district. The countries only steel mill and oil refinery are also located in Chittagong. This district has many cottage industries like Chittagong dry dock, Progoti industries, chittagong fertilizer ltd, TSP complex and BCIC.

Chittagong district picture
Chittagong district picture

Most attention-grabbing spots

Chittagong is surrounded by Mountain and Forest. As a familiar of commercial and port city of the country, there are lot of industries and mills established in the region. TSP Complex, Chiittagong Uria Fertilazar Ltd and Kornophuli are situated in the area. There are two export organizations like Karnapyhuli EPZ and CPZ in the region. Chittagong district is more important for the country economic development.

Upazilas of Chittagong district: Anwara upazila, Banshkhali upazila, Boalkhali upazila, Chandanaish upazila, Fatikchhari upazila, Hathazari upazila, Lohagara upazila, Mirsharai upazila, Patiya upazila, Rangunia upazila, Raozan upazila, Sandwip upazila, Satkania upazila and Sitakunda upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers:,,,,,,

Post Code Numbers: Anowara- 4376, Paroikora- 4377, Battali- 4378, Kanungopara- 4363, Saroatoli- 4364, Iqbal Park- 4365, Boalkhali- 4366, Sakpura- 4367, Kadurkhal- 4368, Charandwip- 4369, Chittagong GPO- 4000, Chittagong Bandar- 4100, Pahartoli- 4202, Chawkbazar- 4203, Patenga- 4204, Chittagong Airport- 4205, Jaldia Merine Accade- 4206, Firozshah- 4207, Mohard- 4208, Chitt. Politechnic In- 4209, Bayezid Bostami- 4210, Amin Jute Mills- 4211, Chandgaon- 4212, Wazedia- 4213, Jalalabad- 4214, Anandabazar- 4215, Halishahar- 4216, North Katuli- 4217, Chitt. Sailers Colon- 4218, Chitt. Customs Acca- 4219, Chitt. Cantonment- 4220, Al- Amin Baria Madra, 4221- Middle Patenga, 4222- Export Processing, 4223- Rampura TSO, 4224- Halishshar, 4225- North Halishahar, 4226- East Joara, 4380- Gachbaria, 4381- Dohazari, 4382- Barma, 4383- Fatikchhari, 4350- Nanupur, 4351- Bhandar Sharif, 4352- Najirhat, 4353- Harualchhari, 4354- Narayanhat, 4355- Hathazari, 4330- Chitt.University, 4331- Gorduara, 4332- Katirhat, 4333- Mirzapur, 4334- Fatahabad, 4335- Nuralibari, 4337- Yunus Nagar, 4338- Madrasa, 4339- Jaldi, 4390- Khan Bahadur, 4391- Gunagari, 4392- Banigram, 4393- Lohagara, 4396- Padua, 4397- Chunti, 4398- Mirsharai, 4320- Abutorab, 4321- Darrogahat, 4322- Bharawazhat, 4323- Joarganj, 4324- Azampur, 4325- Korerhat, 4327- Mohazanhat, 4328- Patia Head Office, 4370- Budhpara, 4371- Rangunia, 4360- Dhamair, 4361- Rouzan, 4340, Beenajuri- 4341, Kundeshwari- 4342, Gahira- 4343, jagannath Hat- 4344, Fatepur- 4345, Guzra Noapara- 4346, Dewanpur- 4347, Mohamuni- 4348, B.I.T Post Office- 4349, Sandwip- 4300, Shiberhat- 4301, Urirchar- 4302, Satkania- 4386, Baitul Ijjat- 4387, Bazalia- 4388, Sitakunda- 4310, Baroidhala- 4311, Barabkunda- 4312, Bawashbaria- 4313, Kumira- 4314, Bhatiari- 4315, Fouzdarhat- 4316, Jafrabad- 4317.

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