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Comilla district, moinamoti historical place is located in here

Comilla district is in Bangladesh. It is located about 100 kilometers south-east the capital city of Dhaka. It is established as a district of Bengal by the British in 1790. After in 1983, Comilla thana was officially converted into an Upazilla. Foyzunnessa that was be poet, educationalist and a great donor. She lived in this district.

Comilla district information

Moreover national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was be stayed some day of his live. Both his wives Promila Devi and Nargis are also lived permanently here. Brahmanbaria and Narayaganj district are situated to the north side, Noakhali and Feni district are located to the South, Munshigonj and Chandpur district to the west side of this district. Brahmanbaria and Chandpur included to this district which separated in 1984. In north of this district located Burchiganj and Tripura, Laksham and Chauddagram on the south and Barura on the west. It is situated on the Meghna. Besides, Gumti and Little Feni includes in here. There is few number of ancient dighi of this district. After the Mughal Empire the East India Company came as ruler in this area.

Comilla district map
Comilla district map

Educational institutions in this district

Total area of this district is 3085.17 Sq km. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. This district have mosques, temples, churches, Buddhist temple and tombs. There is available educational institution for the students this district. Among these educational institution conquered in the educational sector. Like Comilla modern high school, cadet collage, polytechnic institute, Railway Public high school, Foyzunnesa School, Missionary School, Comilla University and the Comilla victoria collage are the top rated educational institution of the country. Comilla Zilla School is established in 1837. It is not only district but also board. Few cultural organizations are here. Besides, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) is situated in Kotbari and it is the most attractive place. Every year, tourism come to look at this beauty place. Most of the people of this district are involved to agricultural activities. The farmers cultivated mainly paddy, potato, cotton and vegetables. Buddhist Monastery ruins of Moinamoti are the ancient historical place in the country, which located in Comilla district, near Kotbari.

Comilla district picture
Comilla district picture

Dharmasagar pond is also charming spot

By the bank of the river Ghumti, Comilla is also famous to people. Manufacturs of popular Comilla sweetmeats are mostly based on this Manoharpur area of the main town. Mainly based on agriculture, the Economy of Comilla has been flourished through trade and cottage industries. For this reason, Comilla district is also play to important role developed our country economy.

Upazilas of Comilla district: Barura upazila, Brahmanpara upazila, Burichong upazila, Chandina upazila, Chauddagram upazila, Daudkandi upazila, Debidwar upazila, Homna upazila, Laksam upazila, Muradnagar upazila, Nangalkot upazila, Comilla sadar upazila, Meghna upazila, Titas upazila, Monohargonj upazila, Comilla sadar south upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: comillarkagoj, comillaweb, dailyamadercomilla.

Post Code Numbers: Barura- 3560, Poyalgachha- 3561, Murdafarganj- 3562, Brahmanpara- 3526, Burichang- 3520, Maynamoti bazar- 3521, Chandia- 3510, Madhaiabazar- 3511, Chouddagram- 3550, Batisa- 3551, Chiora- 3552, Comilla Sadar- 3500, Comilla Contoment- 3501, Halimanagar- 3502, Courtbari- 3503, Suaganj- 3504, Daudkandi- 3516, Gouripur- 3517, Dashpara- 3518, Eliotganj- 3519, Davidhar- 3530, Gangamandal- 3531, Barashalghar- 3532, Dhamtee- 3533, Homna- 3546, Laksam- 3570, Lakshamanpur- 3571, Bipulasar- 3572, Langalkot- 3580, Dhalua- 3581, Chhariabazar- 3582, Gunabati- 3583, Muradnagar- 3540, Ramchandarpur- 3541, Companyganj- 3542, Bangra- 3543, Sonakanda- 3544, Pantibazar- 3545.

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