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Cox’s bazar District is the main attraction to the foreigners

Cox’s bazar district is a familiar name as Porjoton city of Bangladesh. Generally, ancient name of it was Bakoli. Mid in the 17th centuries name was ‘‘PENGWA”. Basically it was a Rakhynes work. However that name means ‘‘Yellow Flower”. In 1784, Burmese King Monwaing attacked Cox’s Bazar. He killed the Arakanese king and took control of this area. Captain Hiram Cox as Superintendent the Government of the East India Company appointed and assigned him to rehabilitate the Arakanees refugees. He defeated the Burmese king in a battle and rehabilitated the Arakanees refugees on arrival there in 1799. After the war Hiram Cox set up a Bazar (market) in that place which was name as Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s bazar district information

This district was established in 1984. It is situated on the bank of Bay of Bengal. It is the part of Chittagong division and located far away hundreds fifty nine kilometers on the south of Chittagong city. The second longest sea beach of the world is situated in this district. This district is the most attractive travel place for the tourists.
Total area of this district is 2491.86 Sq km. There are enough educational institutions for the students. Few daily and weekly newspaper and magazines published from this district like Daily Cox’s Bazar, Daily Ajker Desh and Bidesh, Daily Soikot, Daily Apon Kantha, Daily Doinendin, Daily Bakkhalim, Daily Chokri, Daily Himchari etc.

Cox's bazar district map
Cox’s Bazar district map

There are huge number of people are involved to the fishing and collection of sea food and products. Besides oysters, snails, pearls and jewelry made from shells are popular with the tourist in the seaside and city stores. Again many people are farmers in here. Besides, here most of the people are also involved in the transportation business. Transportation is major approach of income of this districts people.
The Mathamuhuri, Bkkhali, Reju Khal, Maheshkhali channel, Kutubdia channel and Naf are main rives of Cox’s bazar district.

Cox's Bazar district picture
Cox’s Bazar district picture

Tourist spots

It is famous for tourist spot. Saint Martin Inani, Patuertek, Kutubdia Batighar, Dulahazra Safari Park and Buddhist Bihar are main tourist spot in Cox’s bazar district. The Submarine Cable landing station, sea fisheries ghat and salt production is very important place for Cox`s Bazar. There are hotels, guest house and motels in the coastal city. Millions of foreign and Bangladeshi natives visit this coastal city and hospitality industry is a major employer in the area. Every year for tourism become many income. Tourists are the main approach of income of this districts people. As a result,  Bangladesh is earned lot of money.

Recent time the government has taken step to develop the security and information technology of this area. All ready the government has declared this district as a Parjatan city.

Upazilas of Cox’s-bazar district: Chakaria upazila, Cox’s Bazar sadar upazila, Kutubdia upazila, Maheshkhali upazila, Ramu upazila, Teknaf upazila, Ukhia upazila and Pekua upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: dainandincox, coxmirror, coxbangla, coxsbazarnews, thecoxnews, samudrakanthanews.

Post Code Numbers: Chiringga- 4740, Chiringga S.O- 4741, Badarkali- 4742, Malumghat- 4743, Coxs Bazar Sadar- 4700, Zhilanja- 4701, Eidga- 4702, Gorakghat- 4710, Kutubdia- 4720, Ramu- 4730, Teknaf- 4760, Hnila- 4761, St.Martin- 4762, Ukhia- 4750.

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