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Dhaka Zoo is a very excellent place in Dhaka

There are many tourist places in Bangladesh. Dhaka zoo is one of them. It is also called national zoo / Mirpur zoo and is the best zoo of Bangladesh. It is recognized to the Bangladesh government. However, it located at Mirpur in Dhaka. It had established on 23 June 1974. It is far away 20 km from the center of Dhaka and located beside the river Turag. Its area is very long.

Animals of Dhaka Zoo

It is old but it has huge attractive. Overall, national zoo is home to about 2,000 in 165 species animals. To attract visitors besides many fascinating animals, there are tigers, lions, hippopotamus, monkeys, and pythons. Moreover, some rare and interesting animals such as- zebra, elephant, water buck, impala, gayal, black bear, tapir, mandrill, cheetah, rhinoceros, otter, hyena, deer, giraffes, impala, tapir, hippo, Bear, lion, many different species of monkeys, baboons, Shimpangi, and foreign cat and dog. There are many home and abroad animal. Foreign animal has collected from big different forest. However, Dhaka zoo has different colorful and attractive animal. The Royal Bengal Tiger is main attractive of national zoo. It is named of known as king of the forest. Then, the hippo contains a sizable lake covered in aquatic greenery that the hippos seem to thoroughly enjoy.

Dhaka Zoo picture
Dhaka Zoo picture

Birds of National Zoo

Besides, others animals also are very charming. For this, this zoo is very attractive. Then, Dhaka zoo has brought to foreign birds of species like- peacocks, rhea, African grey parrots, cassowary, owls, ostrich, emus, teals, finches, babblers, owls, vultures, eagles and so on. This bird is to see very nice and enjoyable. Visitors are always fascinated by the crocodiles and snakes. Anyway, the aquarium fishes have also in this zoo. However, many visitors go to see that and enjoy everyday and in this zoo, visits about 4 million every year.

National zoo in dhaka photo
National zoo in dhaka photo

Free atmosphere in the Dhaka Zoo

Moreover, this zoo is also for charming the government has taken also decision. There is free atmosphere in this zoo. Besides, animals and beast protects to our ecological balance. Every child’s is request to their parents to go there. To see it, little children will many things learn. For this, every family has taken to their children there. It is not only for joy but also can give knowledge. We are very proud for this and visitors are more attracting towards Dhaka zoo.

Mirpur national zoo picture
Mirpur national zoo picture

Visit time:
* April to October (Summer Season): 9.00am to 6.00pm
* November to March (Winter Season): 8.00am to 5.00pm
* Every Sunday zoo is closed except government holiday.

Dhaka national zoo in Mirpur
Dhaka national zoo in Mirpur

Dhaka national zoo in Mirpur

Entrance Feces:
* Main gate entrance fee above two years BDT 10.00/-
* Zoo museum entrance fee BDT 2.00/-
* Children ages of 0 to 2 years are free.
* Students from school, college and university are free (with condition).

Dhaka zoo official web site:

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