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Sylhet Division Is Very Fascinating & Awesome Spot

Sylhet division picture

Sylhet Division is one of the most fascinating and archaeologically rich regions in the south Asia. With picturesque scenery, his is the eye-catching place in the Bangladesh. This division is the northeastern division of this country. It is also known as Greater Sylhet or Sylhet region. This division is to be composed of 4 districts and 38 Upazila. The Sylhet ...

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Rangpur Division Was Turned Into Division In 2010

Rangpur division picture

Rangpur division is the north-most division of Bangladesh. This division has an area of 16,320.26 square kilometers and population of 15,665,000 (2011 Census). Bangladesh is a small country, but it looks at stunning and attention-grabbing. Same as Rangpur is one of the major cities in Bangladesh. On January 25, 2010, this division became Bangladesh’s seventh division. This division is to ...

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Rajshahi Division, main attraction is Rajshahi University

Rajshahi division picture

Rajshahi division is one of the seven executive divisions of Bangladesh. This division is situated the northern part of Bangladesh. It has an area of 18,174.4 square kilometers and population of 18,329,000 (2011 Census). The mid western corner of Bangladesh is included to 8 districts in this division. It is the famous river of Padma borders on the south and ...

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Khulna Division where is located Sundarbans

Khulna division picture

One of the seven division of Bangladesh is Khulna division. It is situated in the south-west of the country. This division has an area of 22,285 square kilometers and a population of 15,563,000 (2011 Census). The division headquarters is Khulna city in Khulna district. This division shares a border with the Indian state of west Bengal to the west, the ...

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Dhaka Division is the largest city, of course you know?

Dhaka division picture

Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. Dhaka division is bounded by Indian state of Meghalaya in the north, Barisal division and Chittagong division in the south, Sylhet division in the east, Rangpur division in the north-west and Rajshahi and Khulna division in the west. Information of this division Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city ...

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Chittagong Division is a commercial capital in BD

Chittagong division picture

Chittagong division is one of seven administrative divisions of Bangladesh. It is geographically the largest division of our country. It said that the commercial capital and the larges international seaport of Bangladesh. It also said that the healthy city (declared by UNESCO). This division is located in a picturesque hinterland of large hill forests and lakes. It shares the most ...

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Barisal Division is located in the south-central part

Barisal division picture

Barisal division is one of the administrative divisions of Bangladesh. It has an area of 13,644.85 square kilometers and a population of 8,147,000 (2011 Census). It consists of 6 districts and 38 Upazilla. This division is bounded by Dhaka division on the north, Khulna division on the west, Chittagong division on the east and the Bay of Bengal on the ...

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