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Faridpur District, would you like to know about fruits?

Faridpur district is in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. It is situated on the banks of the Padma River. This district was broken into five separate districts Rajbari, Gopalgonj, Madaripur, Shariatpur and Faridpur in 1984. That time this district was established. The area of this district is 2027.72 sq km. This district is bordered by the Padma River to the north and east, the Manikganj, Dhaka and Munshiganj district are across the river, Madaripur to the east, Gopalgonj to the south and Rajbari, Narail and Magura to the west. Muslims, Buddhist, Christian and Hindu are lived in this district. Besides, other ethnic people are also lived. Mosque, temple, churches and Buddhist temple are located in this district.

Faridpur district information

Medical college, Teachers training college, government commercial college, polytechnic institute, agriculture institute, government and Non-government College, madrasa, government and non-government primary school are educational institution in this district. Literacy rate is also fine. Many poor children are going to school.

Faridpur district map
Faridpur district map

There are many daily and weekly newspapers in Faridpur district as Daily Thikana, Daily Bhorer Rana, Daily Faridpur, Daily Pollob, Daily Kumar, Daily Gono Songhoti, Weekly Gonomon, Weekly Faridpur, Weekly Al Joazin, Weekly Faridpur Idaning, Weekly Faridpur Barta, Weekly Buddhi Juddho, Weekly Bangle Songbad and Weekly Al heylal.

Main crops in this district

Main crops are Jute, paddy and other crops are peanut, wheat, oilseed, pulse, turmeric, onion, garlic and coriander. Many fruits are cultivated as mango, jackfruit, blackberry, palm, coconut, betel nut, kul, tetul, bel, papaya, banana and guava. Jute, Helsa fish and sugarcan are main exports of among them. Yet, Faridpur district is famous for producing raw jute. Some industries are Faridpur Jute Fibers, Faridpur Sugar mill, Faridpur cold storage, BADC cold storage, A H Jute mills etc. Main rivers are Padma. Padma River is famous for catching of Helsa fish. This Silver Helsa fish is export a lot of other country. Besides, small rivers are Old Kumar, Arial Khan, Gorai, Chandana, Bhubanshwar and Modhumoti. Some beel have in this district as Dhol Samudra, Beel Ramkeli, Shakuner Beel and Ghoradar Beel.

Faridpur district picture
Faridpur picture

Kabi Jasimuddins House located in this district

Many tourist spots are located in this district such as Kobi Jasimuddins House, Mothurapur Daul, River research institute, Satoir Masjid, Patrail Mosjid, Hazrat Shah Farid Mosjid, Bais Rosi Zamindar Bari and so on. Tourists are come to see. Every year tourists a lot come to this district.
Few games and sports are cricket, football, tennis, volleyball, handball etc. Faridpur district is very developed of it is all side.

Upazilas of Faridpur district: Alfadanga upazila, Bhanga upazila, Boalmari upazila, Char bhadrasan upazila, Faridpur Sadar upazila, Madhukhali upazila, Nagarkanda upazila and Sadarpur upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: dailyfaridpurkantho.

Post Code Numbers: Alfadanga- 7870, Bhanga- 7830, Boalmari- 7860, Rupatpat- 7861, Charbadrashan- 7810, Faridpur sadar- 7800, Kanaipur- 7801, Ambikapur- 7802, Baitulaman Politecni- 7803, Madukhali- 7850, Kamarkali- 7851, Nagarkanda- 7840, Talma- 7841, Sadarpur- 7820, Hat Krishapur- 7821, Bishwa jaker Manjil- 7822, Shriangan- 7804.

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