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Fazlur Rahaman Babu is a good singer alongside of actor

That popular song Nithua Pathare of Fazlur Rahaman Babu, the song was taken of viewer’s mind. He is a singer, model, producer, director and actor. He is very brilliant, handsome male, attractive and to look at very nice. He is very hard-worker actor and he is a commercial actor in film business. This actor has taken of viewers mind at a little time.

Fazlur Rahaman Babu picture
Fazlur Rahaman Babu

His dramas are very stunning

In film industry of Bangladesh Fazlur comes after as if success becomes regularly in film he has worked in many films of different directors and producers as an actor. His acting dramas are Joyjoyonti, Moiur Shingashon, Danob, Pap Puno, Voy and Shapnodana. Moreover, directors and producers are more successful to get him in Dhallywood. Not only Babu is actor but also model. To all Bangladeshi peoples he is heart of mind to them.

Nithua Pathare that song of Fazlur Rahaman

His success and fame is spread in all Bangladesh. He is wanted to see himself as a famous actor. He has acting different character in many dramas with many actresses. Alongside he has also worked with other actors. He has spent some cinemas and in the future will also spend in the film. He has made him the most popular actor of the country every step by step. He is often going to big function in other countries. As an actor Fazlur Rahaman Babu has recognized many awards and approvals and national prize.

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