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Feni District was established in 1984

Feni district is a small of Bangladesh. It is a part of Chittagong division. This district becomes connect with Mirsori, Chagolnaiya and Amirgawon in 1875. Before in 1984, it was a part of Noakhali district. Then Feni district was established in 1984. This district has boundary with Tripura in India, Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla district. There is a lot of dighi of this district. It is surrounded from three sides by the river of this district. Besides, some also have river like Little Feni and Muhuri.

Feni district information

Total area of the this district is 928.34 Sq km. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. There is available educational institution for the students in here such as college, polytechnic institute, nursing institute, local co-operative training institute, local youth development institute, teacher’s training institute and private medical college and cadet college.

Feni district map
Feni district map

Few cultural organizations are here like public library, club, drama stage, theater group, woman’s organization, cinema hall, community center and shilpakala academy. At least seventeen women organizations are here. Recent time, the Government-run Computer Institute also is situated of this area. There is a Girls Cadet College in Feni among the three cadet collages in Bangladesh. According to geographically this district has more important.

Feni district picture
Feni picture

Main attraction of tourism

All most of the people of this district are involved to agricultural activities. Paddy, potato, wheat, pulses and sugarcane are main cultivate of this district. Feni Gas field is mineral resource of the district. Attractive tourist spots are located in this district such as Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque (built 700 years ago), Chandgazi Mosque (built 4oo years ago), Feni Government College Building, Bijoy Singh Dighi etc. Besides Tripura valley has very beautiful view of this district and the Indian border and Bay of Bengal is near this district which is another important from the other district of Bangladesh.

Upazilas of Feni district: Chhagalnaiya upazila, Daganbhuiyan upazila, Feni sadar upazila, Parshuram upazila, Sonagazi upazila and Fulgazi upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: fenirshomoy.

Post Code Numbers: Chhagalnaia- 3910, Maharajganj- 3911, Daraga Hat- 3912, Puabashimulia- 3913, Dagondhuia- 3920, Dudmukha- 3921, Chhilonia- 3922, Rajapur- 3923, Feni Sadar- 3900, Fazilpur- 3901, Sharshadie- 3902, Laskarhat- 3903, Pashurampur- 3940, Shuarbazar- 3941, Fulgazi- 3942, Munshirhat- 3943, Sonagazi- 3930, Motiganj- 3931, Ahmadpur- 3932, Kazirhat- 3933.

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