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Gazipur District is located on the west of Dhaka

Gazipur is the largest city corporation of Bangladesh. It is a part of Dhaka division. Gazipur district has established in 1984. It has an area of 1741.53 sq km. It is surrounded by Mymensingh and Kishoregonj on the north, Dhaka, Narayanganj and Narsingdi on the south, Dhaka and Tangail district on the west. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian are lived in this district. Other ethnic people are also lived in here.

Gazipur district information

Islamic University of Technology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh Rice Reserch Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh National University are educational institute in this district. Literacy rate is very increasing. Most of the students are more brilliant and result of this institute is very hopefully.
Few daily, weekly and monthly newspapers are published in Gazipur district as Daily Gonomukh, Jonosongbad, Daily Ajker Jonota, Daily Mukat Songbad, Daily Notun Bhor, Daily Bastob Chitra, Daily Gazi Desh, Weekly Gazipur Songbad, Weekly Ghotonar Aarala, Weekly Prothom Prothirodh, Weekly Shubhoo Sokal, Weekly Ajker Gazipur and Monthly Kishor Manos. These newspapers are developed in information.

Gazipur district map
Gazipur district map

Several kinds of occupations

Most of the people of this district are caught up industries. Other occupations are job, service and hawker and so on. Besides, agriculture is occupation of few people. Some cultivated crops are produced in this district. Main crops are paddy, jute, sugar, cotton, bamboo, jackfruit and papaya. There are main rivers as Old Brhamaputra, Sitalaksha, Turag, Bonshi, Balu, Banar, Gargara and Chilai. Few beels are Belai beel, Makeshor beel, Lablong beel and Dakurai beel. All these beel are useful in different ways.

Gazipur district picture
Gazipur district picture

Remarkable fair in this district

This district is remarkable fair in here as Rath Mela, Boishakh Mela, Chinailayr Mela etc. For this, to enjoy these fair, from different countries people. Every year these fair are very eagerly with occasions.
Tourist spots are Bhawal National Park, Nandan Park, Jomidar Bari, Kalinarayana Temple, Pubail Resort, Zinda Park, Mollah Eco Park, Nurjahan Garden, Munshi Bari Banglo, Pushpodam Picnic spot and so on. Tourists are come to look at about almost day.

Football, cricket, kabadi, badmilton and volleyball are remarkable games and sports in here. Besides, Shahid Barkot Stadiun is located in Gazipur district. Few field for sports have here. Communication system is very developed. Information and technology is special introduction.

Upazilas of Gazipur district: Gazipur Sadar Upazila, Kaliakair Upazila, Kaliganj Upazila, Kapasia Upazila, Sreepur Upazila and Tongi Upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspapers: Daily Gonomukh, Jonosongbad, Daily Ajker Jonota, Daily Mukat Songbad.

Post Code Numbers: Gazipur Sadar- 1700, B.R.R- 1701, Chandna- 1702, B.O.F- 1703, National University- 1704, Kaliakaar- 1750, Safipur- 1751, Kaliganj- 1720, Pubail- 1721, Santanpara- 1722, Vaoal Jamalpur- 1723, kapashia- 1730, Monnunagar- 1710, Nishat Nagar- 1711, Ershad Nagar- 1712, Sreepur- 1740, Barmi- 1743, Satkhamair- 1744, Kawraid- 1745, Bashamur- 1747, Boubi- 1748, Rajendrapur- 1741, Rajendrapur Canttome- 1742.

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