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Gopalganj District is residence of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Gopalganj district is  in the Dhaka division of Bangladesh. This district was established in 1984. It has an area of 1490 sq km. North of this district is Faridpur district, Pirojpur and Bagerhat district to the south, Madaripur and Barisal district to the east and Narail district to the west. Residence of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is located in this district. This district has population about 1.1 million. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christians are lived in this district. Other ethnic people are also lived in here.

Gopalganj district information

Educational institution are available in here as science and technology university, university college, liberation war research institute, vocational institute, homeopathy college, government college, non-government college, high school, junior school, madrasa, government primary school, non-government primary school, satellite school, community school, technical training center and so on. Many poor children are getting to chance go to school. Besides, literacy rate is increasing every year.
Some local daily and weekly newspapers are published in Gopalganj district as Daily Juger Kotha and Weekly Gopalganj Kantho. Everyday to serve, these newspapers always are standing to side people.

Gopalganj district map
Gopalganj district map

Different kinds of occupations

Different occupations are involved to people of this district. They are agriculture, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, transport, fishing, hawker, construction, service, commerce and employer and so on. Here is cultivated crops are paddy, jute, ground nut, molasses, sugarcane, wheat etc. Besides, Main exports are jute, ground nut, molasses, sugarcane etc.
Few manufactures mill and factory are located in Gopalganj district for example textile mill, ice factory, biscuit factory, saw mill, rice mill, oil mill and flour mill. As well, here are main industries as weaving, wood work, goldsmith, blacksmith, potteries, bamboo work, tailoring and welding. Many rivers are in this district. Remarkable rivers are Madhumati, Baghiar, Ghaghor, Old Kumar, Bilrut Canel, Kaligonga, Tongikhal, Dignar, Bagda, Kushiara, Madhupur, Shoidoho and Chonda.

Gopalganj district picture
Gopalganj picture

Organizations of this district

This district is several cultural organizations such as public library, cinema hall, shilpakala, literary society, women’s organization, theater group, jatra party, circus party, community center and playground etc. For leisure time, these organizations are very usefully for this district’s people.
There are many tourist spots in this district like Bangobandhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman er Samadhi Shouidho Complex, Orakandhi Thakur Bari, Jamindar Girish Chandro Sen Bari, Ononaa Chandro Ghat, Court Mosque, Gaohor Danga Madrasa, Madhumati river, Bornir Baor, Tangrakhola Bazar, Ulpur Jamindar Bari and Bodho Bhumi Smriti Shouidho etc. Tourist spots are attractive for seeing. Tourists are come here to enjoy these nice spots.
Gopalganj district has a great transportation system. River way, roads and highway are main transportation in this district. As a result, communication system is very easy. Information and technologies are serving people of this district.

Upazilas of Gopalganj district: Gopalganj Sadar upazila, Kashiani upazila, Kotalipara upazila, Muksudpur upazila and Tungipara upazila

Government district portal:

Newspaper: Daily Juger Kotha

Post Code Numbers: Chandradighalia- 8013, Gopalganj Sadar- 8100, Ulpur- 8101, Barfa- 8102, Kashiani- 8130, Ramdia College- 8131, Ratoil- 8132, Jonapur- 8133, Kotalipara- 8110, Maksudpur- 8140, Batkiamari- 8141, Khandarpara- 8142, Tungipara- 8120, Patgati- 8121.

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