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Habiganj District are rubber garden in this district

Habiganj district is to the north-eastern side of Bangladesh. It is a part of Sylhet division. It is the historical place. The Mukti Bahini started their first guerrilla movement against aggressor Pakistani army in this district. Before time this district’s name was Habibganj. It was a bazaar or Ganj beside of the river Khowai. Then this district turned into Habiganj. Basically it was established on 1st march 1984. Sunamgonj district is bounded to the north side of this district, Tripura of the India and Maulvibazaar district is situated to the east, Balaganj Upazila of Sylhet to the north-east, Brahmanbaria and Kishoregonj district to the west side of this district. The senior army officers assembled at the headquarters of second East Bengal at Teliapara in Habiganj.

Habiganj district information

Its area is 2636.58 Sq Kilometers. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. A lot of ethnic group of people live in this district like Biharis, Khasia, Manipuri and Tripura. The largest Village of the Asia Baniachong is situated in Habiganj.

Habiganj district map
Habiganj district map

There is available educational institution for the students this district. Few local daily and weekly newspaper were published from this district like Daily Habiganj Express, Daily Pravakar, Pratidener Bani, Weekly Swadhikar, Swadeshbarta, Drishtikon, Daily Khowai, Habiganj, Samachar, Janatar Dalil, Parikrama etc.

Main occupations and crops

All most of the people of Habiganj district are involved to agricultural activities. Paddy, Wheat, potato, Jute, ground nut, Betel leaf and oil seed are main crops of this district. Main fruits are mango, jack fruit, Banana, litchi, coconut, lemon, pineapple and black berry. Main export are Paddy, Fish, Shrimp, dry-fish, Tea, Rubber, Natural gas, Oil and Textile. Because of exporting product this district is more important for the country economic development. Tea gardens and Rubber gardens are main source of income. Besides commerce, service, industry, fishing and others are main occupations of this districts people. Cottage industries are weaving, bamboo work, goldsmith and blacksmith, potteries, tailoring and welding.

Habiganj district picture
Habiganj picture

Rivers in this district

The Barak, Bheramahana, Gopala, Kalni, Kalishiri, Khowai, Korangi, Kushiara, Meghna River (lower), Ratna, Shwasanali, Shutki, Sonai, Korangi, Shutang, Tentulia, Jhingri, Bizna and Yojnal are the main river in Habiganj.
This district is many tourist spots for example Bagala Matar Mandir, Baniachong village, Bibir Dargah Mosque, Baniachang, Bikhangal Akhra, Baniachang, Jami Mosque, Bahubal, Kalibari, Habiganj Sadar, Mashulia Akhra, Habiganj Sadar, Shagar Dighi, Baniachang and Tea gardens in the valleys. Tea garden is main attraction in Habiganj district.

Upazilas of Habiganj district: Ajmiriganj upazila, Bahubal upazila, Baniyachong upazila, Chunarughat upazila, Habiganj sadar upazila, Lakhai upazila, Madhabpur upazila and Nabiganj upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: dailykhowai, dailyhobiganj, habiganj-samachar, dailyajkerHabiganj, habiganjnews24, habiganjerkhabar.

Post Code Numbers: Azmireeganj- 3360, Bahubal- 3310, Baniachang- 3350, Jatrapasha- 3351, Kadirganj- 3352, Chunarughat- 3320, Chandpurbagan- 3321, Narapati- 3322, Hobiganj Sadar- 3300, Shaestaganj- 3301, Gopaya- 3302, Kalauk- 3340, Lakhai- 3341, Madhabpur- 3330, Itakhola- 3331, Shahajibazar- 3332, Saihamnagar- 3333, Nabiganj- 3370, Goplarbazar- 3371, Golduba- 3372, Digalbak- 3373, Inathganj- 3374.

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