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Humayan Faridi is a well-known actress

Villains that reputed male which had heard his name of all viewers’ seem afraid. He is a Humayan Faridi. He is a big actor. He was a very brilliant, attractive and to looked at very nice and he was a famous actor. He was a commercial actor in film business. He was very hard-worker actor. To heard his name the viewers as though to become very excited for watching his cinema. In film industry of Bangladesh he comes after as if success became regularly in film. He has worked in many films of different directors and producers as an actor.

Humayan Faridi picture
Humayan Faridi

Famous Dhallywood actress Faridi

Moreover, directors and producers were more successful to get him in Dhallywood. His acting some cinemas is Ghatok, Takar Ohonkar, Vondo, Teg, Mayer Morjada, Aha, Taka, Dohon etc. To all Bangladeshi peoples he is heart of mind to them. His success and fame is spread in all Bangladesh. He has acting different character in many cinemas with many actresses Moushumi, Diti, Shabana etc. Alongside he has also worked with other actors Razzak, Alamgir, Faruk, Riaz and so on. He has spent a lot of cinema.

Humayan Faridi is viewer’s favorite actor

He has made him the most popular actor of the country every step by step. He could be able to often going to big function in other countries. Besides, he has worked in dramas like Ekti Laal Shaari, Akdin hohat, Ojattra, Songsaptak, Pret, Vober Hat, Mohona, Srinkhal etc. At first his fame was start Songsaptak by this drama. After this drama he was more known to all. As an actor he has recognized many awards and approvals. She has many times got national prizes. But it is a matter of sorrow that he is no more today in our. Humayan Faridi died on 13 February 2012.

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