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Khagrachari District is a very amazing place

Khagrachari district is the wonderful tourist spot district of Bangladesh. It is a district in south-eastern of Bangladesh. It is situated on the Chittagong division. It is included by hills and Smalls Rivers. Its around are unlimited natural beauty to see very awesome. Tripura of India is of this district on the north and north-west, Chittagong district is located on the south-west, Feni River is located on the west and Rangamati district is situated by the east and south-east of this district. It is also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle. But the previous name of this district was Taraka. Besides the local name of this district is ‘Chengmi’. This town is the administrative headquarter of this district. Before declaration of British government in 1860 this district was under the greater of Chittagong district. Then it was established in 1983. In before Saching Prue Chowdhury was the head of Arakanese. He is the home town of the Mong chief.

Khagrachari district information

Total area of this district is 2,699.55 Sq km. Mostly Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religious people live this district. At least 13 Ethnic groups of peoples live this under the district area. The Chakma, Tripura and Marma are numbers of them.

Khagrachari district map
Khagrachari district map

There are few high schools, junior schools, primary school, colleges, non-government school, and madrasas in this district. Besides Khagrachari Govt. College established in 1975 and it is now situated on 8.5 acres of land in a beautiful natural environment near the entrance gate of this town beside the main road of the hilly district. There are many special games in this district such as football, cricket, volleyball, handball and badminton etc. Few newspapers have here like Daily Aronno Barta, Daily Pratidin and so on.

Jhum is main cultivation of Khagrachari district

All most of the people of this district are involved to agricultural activities. Jhum cultivation is main activity in here for farmers. Rice, sesame, banana, ginger, greens chilly are growth by the Jhum cultivation. The Chengi, Kasalong and Maini rivers are situated in this district. Chengi is the longest river in this district.

Khagrachari district picture
Khagrachari picture

Fantastic places of this district

This district have many tourist spots like Alutila Hill, Alutila mysterious cave, Richhang waterfall, Yonged, Buddha Bihar, Nunchhori Debota Pond, Dighinala Minikker Dighi, Dighinala Waterfall and the Shajek and Marissa Vally are beautiful places for the tourist. Besides different hotels and resorts have in this district like Parjatan Hotel, Hotel Ecochari Inn, Khagrachari Guest House College and so on. Government has declared as a heritage area in Khagrachari district.

Upazilas of Khagrachari district: Dighinala upazila, Khagrachhari upazila, Lakshmichhari upazila, Mahalchhari upazila, Manikchhari upazila, Matiranga upazila, Panchhari upazila and Ramgarh upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: banglapostbd, ctgtimes.

Post Code Numbers: Diginala- 4420, Khagrachari Sadar- 4400, Laxmichhari- 4470, Mahalchhari- 4430, Manikchhari- 4460, Matiranga- 4450, Panchhari- 4410, Ramghar Head Office- 4440.

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