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Kushtia District, singer Md. Abdul Jobber was born in here.

Kushtia district is located in western Bangladesh and a part of Khulna division. It is known as capital of literature and culture. This district is many famous for author and poets. Once a time was plenty grow more Kushta (Jute) and so, many people to this Jute are called (Kushti). So, Kushtia name is fixed from this name. It was established in 1984. It has an area of 1621.15 sq km. This district is bounded by Rajshahi, Natore and Pabna district on the north, Chaudanga and Jhenaidah district on the south, Rajbari district on the east and West Bengal of India as well as Meherpur district on the west. Md. Abdul Jobber and Forida Parvin are very good Singer. Birthplace of them are located in this district. The Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christian are lived in here.

Kushtia district information

Educational institutions are available in this district as Islamic University, Kushtia University, Kushtia Medical College, Kushtia Medical School, Kushtia government colleges, Private colleges, Government high schools, Zilla schools, Polytechnic institute, Vocational training institutes, Law college and so on. These institutions are educating also. Illiteracy rate is decreasing a lot. Many poor children are educating at present. Male and female are learned. Now, anybody are not deprived from educate.

Kushtia district map
Kushtia district map

Few local daily and weekly newspapers and magazines are published in Kushtia as Daily Ajker Alo, Daily Bangladesh Barta, Daily Bajrapat, Daily Shikal, Daily Sutrapat and Deshbari, Daily Darpan, Daily Srijanshil, Daily Prottashar Protibimba, Daily Niharika, Daily Deshbarti, Weekly Mukur and Weekly Simanta Katha. Few magazines are Jagaran, Dipika, Shaibi, Azad and Jogajog. These newspapers are uptown in here and their authorities are also developed.
Agriculture, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, Cottage, commerce, transport, employer, construction laborer and others are central occupation in this district. Most of the people are farmer. Main rivers are Ganges, Garai, Mathabhanga, Kaliganga, Padma, Hishna and Kumar.

Kushtia district picture
Kushtia district picture

Also Rabindranathe Tagore lived in this district

Rabindra Kuthibari of Shelaidaha, Lalon Fakir is tourist spots in this district. Rabindra Kuthibari is the most beautiful tourist spots in here and here poet Rabindranath Tagor is lived for part of his life. He has written different poems from that. For this, this place is very famous and attractive.
There are many sports in Kushtia district. Sports are special contribute in this district. Football, cricket, badminton, swimming, volley ball, stick game are sports in here.
Mobile, telephone, computer and many others are form of communication. Thus, people of this district can easily to exchange a few words with other countries. Besides, businessmen are also exchange to easily.
Different famous faces are also enriched in Kushtia district. Moreover, communication and information and technology are very brilliant. It is a very well-known district.

Upazilas of Kushtia district: Agailjhara upazila, Babuganj upazila, Bakerganj upazila, Banaripara upazila, Barisal sadar upazila, Gaurnadi upazila, Hizla upazila, Mehendiganj upazila, Muladi upazila and Wazirpur upazila.

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Post Code Numbers: Bheramara- 7040, Ganges Bheramara- 7041, Allardarga- 7042, Janipur- 7020, Khoksa- 7021, Kumarkhali- 7010, Panti- 7011, Kustia Sadar, 7000- Kushtia Mohini, 7001- Jagati- 7002, Islami University- 7003, Mirpur- 7030, Poradaha- 7031, Amla Sadarpur- 7032, Rafayetpur- 7050, Taragunia- 7051, Khasmathurapur- 7052.

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