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Where is located Lakshmipur District? Of course want to know?

Lakshmipur district is another small district in Bangladesh. It included to Chittagong division on the south-east of Bangladesh. On the north of this district are located Chandpur district, Bhola and Noakhali district to the south, Noakhali district to the east and Barisal and Bhola district to the west. In 1930-40 century, it became the education, entertainment and sports area in East Bengal. During the British period, it was famous for salt and cloth industrial. During this period play significant role the football tournament. The East Bengal team won the game against Indian Haidrabad Nijam Team at Agortala play ground. This district has differently enriched. This district was established in 1984. Total area of this district is 1,455 Sq km. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here.

Lakshmipur district information

There is available educational institution for the students this district Lakshmipur Commerce College, Lakshmipur Govt. Mohila College, Govt. Lakshmipur College, Dalal Bazar Degree College, Zillur Rahim College and Govt. Roypur Degree College and so on.

Lakshmipur district map
Lakshmipur district map

This district are daily and weekly newspaper and magazines published. Some daily newspapers are Daily Alchishit, Lakshmipur Kantho, Upokul Kantho, Bhorer Malancho, Notun Chad etc.
All most of the people of this district are involved to agricultural activities. The farmers cultivated mainly paddy, potato, wheat, mustard, pulses, maize, chili, soybean, ground nut and sugarcane. There are many fruits such as mango, jackfruit, banana, black berry, papaya, guava, palm, lemon, coconut, betel nut, sharifa, amra etc. The Meghna is the main river in this district.

Lakshmipur district picture
Lakshmipur picture

Tourist spots in this district

There are a lot of Mosque and tourist spots like Tita Khan Jami Mosque, Mita Khan Mosque, Majupur Matka Mosque, Madhu Banu Mosque, Dayem Shah Mosque, Lawrance Bazar Baitul Amam Mosque, Abdullahpur Jami Mosque etc. Some traditional Buddha Bihar is here. Khoa-sagor dighi, Dalal Bazar, Srigovinda Mahaprabhu Jeu Akhra, Zamindar house at Dalal Bazar, Komol Nagor Hafijul Hoque Patowary Bari Sahapur Saheb-bari, Sahapur Neel-kuthi, Oidara dighi are the historical places of lakhshmipur. There are many residential hotels in Lakshmipur district. Lakshmipur district is develop day by day.

Upazilas of Lakshmipur district: Lakshmipur sadar upazila, Raipur upazila, Ramganj upazila, Ramgati upazila and Kamal Nagar upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: lakshmipur24.

Post Code Numbers: Char Alexgander- 3730, Hajirghat- 3731, Ramgatirhat- 3732, Lakshimpur Sadar- 3700, Dalal Bazar- 3701, Bhabaniganj- 3702, Mandari- 3703, Keramatganj- 3704, Rupchara- 3705, Duttapara- 3706, Choupalli- 3707, Chandraganj- 3708, Amani Lakshimpur- 3709, Ramganj- 3720, Alipur- 3721, Panpara- 3722, Kanchanpur- 3723, Naagmud- 3724, Dolta- 3725, Raypur- 3710, Rakhallia- 3711, Nagerdighirpar- 3712, Haydarganj- 3713, Bhuabari- 3714.

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