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Madaripur District, want to know about what are newspapers?

Madaripur district is in central Bangladesh and it is a part of Dhaka division. On the north of this district is located Faridpur district and Padma River, Barisal on the south, Shariatpur and Meghna River on the east, Gopalganj district and Padma River on the west. Name of this district was fixed from named of the Sufi saint Badruddin Shah Madar. He came from some Middle Eastern country in the 15th century. Before it was established in 1854 under the Bakerganj district, it was separated from Bakerganj and added up Faridpur district. Then this district was turned into a district in 1984. It has an area of 1144 sq km.

Madaripur district information

There are many educational institutions in this district as government and non-government primary schools, colleges, high schools, kindergarten schools, primary training institute, vocational institute, madrasas and others institute. But in here literacy rate is hopefully. Male and female of both are gone to school. Educational authority is very residential.
Daily Subarnagram, Weekly Ariyal khan, Weekly Shariatullah, Weekly Ishara are main newspapers in Madaripur. Besides, some extinct newspapers are Weekly Janani Bangle, Weekly Madaripur Barta and Weekly Banglar Mati.

Madaripur district map
Madaripur district map

People of this district are more hard-working. Main occupations are agriculture, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, fishing, industry, commerce, transport, construction, service, hawker and others. Madaripur is famous for date molasses that means Pataligur. It is the best and popular in the country.
Likewise, here are main crops such as jute, paddy, peanut, onion, garlic, chili, sugarcane, mustard, pulse and wheat. Padma, arial khan and kumar are Main River.
There are some cultural organization for leisure time like clubs, libraries, cinema halls and women’s organizations.

Madaripur district picture
Madaripur picture

Tourist spots in this district

Attractive spots of Madaripur district are Dargah of Shah Madar, Bajitpur, Pronabanda Temple, Kadambari Ganesh Pagol Temple, Khalia Rajaram Roy’s House, Mostafapur Parbat’s Garden, Arialkha River and so on. Up till now, Madaripur Lake is great scenery. Besides, Madaripur district’s mosque, Chowdhury clinic, Niramory clinic, Madaripur Municipality, Officer’s Club and all of Shaheed Minar are around the lake. During the winter that place become attractive. However, foreigners and native are regularly gone to look at these charming views. As a result, these places are become more appealing.
Communication system is very developed. Information and technology system is also developed.

Upazilas of Madaripur district: Rajoir upazila, Madaripur Sadar upazila, Kalkini upazila and Shibchar upazila.

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Post Code Numbers: Barhamganj- 7930, Nilaksmibandar- 7931, Bahadurpur- 7932, Umedpur- 7933, Kalkini- 7920, Sahabrampur- 7921, Madaripur Sadar- 7900, Charmugria- 7901, Kulpaddi- 7902, Habiganj- 7903, Mustafapur- 7904, Rajoir- 7910, Khalia- 7911.

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