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Manikganj District have many kinds of newspapers

Manikganj district. Manikganj is a part of Dhaka division in central Bangladesh. It is a very developed country. It was established in May 1845 as a subdivision. At first Manikganj subdivision was under of the Faridpur district. In the solution of administrative intricate, Manikganj subdivision was separated from the Faridpur district and then this district is included to Dhaka division. Then Manikganj district was turned into a district on 1st March 1984. It has an area of 1378.99 sq km. It is bounded by Tangail district on the north, Dhaka district on the east, Faridpur and Dhaka districts on the south, the Padma, Jamuna and Pabna as well as Rajbari district on the west. Besides, there are lived peasants, landless, marginal peasant, small peasant, intermediate and rich in this district. Most people of this district are peasants.

Manikganj district information

Educational institutions are available in this district as Government Debendra College, Government Bhiku Memorial College, Daragram Charmasul Munshi Bande Ali High School, Manikganj Government Girl’s College, Khondkar Nurul Hossain Law Academy, Manikganj Government High School, Manikganj Technical School and College, Government and non-government primary school, high school and others institute. These institutions are very residential and brilliant. Here is literacy rate is very hopefully.
Manikganj district is published daily and weekly newspapers such as Daily Manikganjer kagos, Daily Manikganjer Songbad, Daily Modhoonchal, Weekly Sodesher Mati, Weekly Karcha, Weekly Alor Bani, Weekly Muktir Vahana and Weekly Manikganjer Khabar and so on.

Manikganj district map
Manikganj district map

Main occupations and crops in here

People of this district are involved to different occupations. Main occupations are agriculture, fishing, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, industry, commerce, construction, service, transport and others. Some crops are cultivated in here. Main crops are paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, tobacco, mustard, sesame, potato, ground nut, onion, chili, garlic, khesari, lentil, leguminous pulse, vegetables etc. There are some extinct crops are kaun, linseed, barley, arahar, maize, sweet Potato. Main fruits in Manikganj district are mango, jackfruit, banana, papaya, guava, coconut, palm, kamranga. Besides, among them of main exports are tobacco, cotton and silk fabrics, molasses, paddy, jute, wheat, potato, milk, poultry, metal products, ground nut, oil seed, electric pole and gas cylinder. Moreover, different manufactures are located in this district such weaving, silk work, brass metal work, conch work, packaging, bidi factory, welding, candle and agar factory, molasses production, book binding, wood work, bamboo work etc. The padma, jamuna, Dhaleshwari, ichamati and kaliganga are main rivers in this district.

Manikganj district picture
Manikganj picture

Charming able Tourist spots

Many tourist spots are situated in this district for example Baliati Zamindar Bari, the tomb of Shah Rustam, forts at Fordnagar and Dhakijora, Imampara Jami Masjid, Teota Rajbari, Navaratna temple, Zamindar Bari, Ekdala fort, Machain Mosque, Dhankora Zamindar bari, Katasgarh fort and Ibrahim Shah tomb. Here tourist spots are very delightful for joy and visit. Besides, some archaeological heritage are in this district as Baher Paglar Astana, Mahadebpur, Matta Math, Sree Sree Anandamayee Kalibari, Rajani Bhaban and Jhobhat Bhaban, Narayan Sadhu Asram, Sivabari Mandir, Neel- Kuthi at Bimile, tomb of Ibrahim Shah, Ekdala Fort and so on. Many visitors are visit these place to see.
Communication facilities are very simple. Information and technology are more speed in Manikganj district.

Upazilas of Manikganj district: Daulatpur upazila, Ghior upazila, Harirampur upazila, Manikgonj Sadar upazila, Saturia upazila, Shivalaya upazila and Singair upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspapers: Daily Manikganjer kagos, Daily Manikganjer Songbad, Daily Modhoonchal

Post Code Numbers: Doulatpur- 1860, Gheor- 1840, Lechhraganj- 1830, Jhitka- 1831, Manikganj Sadar- 1800, Manikganj Bazar- 1801, Gorpara- 1802, Mahadebpur- 1803, Barangail- 1804, Saturia- 1810, Baliati- 1811, Shibaloy- 1850, Aricha- 1851, Tewta- 1852, Uthli- 1853, Singair- 1820, Baira- 1821, joymantop- 1822.

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