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Maulvibazar District is also called the capital city of the tea.

Maulvibazar district is a located in the north-eastern side of Bangladesh. It is a part of Sylhet division. It was established on 22nd February 1984. Habigonj district is bounded to the west side of this district, Indian states of Assam and Tripura in the east and south in this district. Sylhet is surrounded by the north in this district.

Maulvibazar district information

Its area is 2707 Sq Kilometers. More than 1 million people live in Maulvibazar. Among them of the Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. Besides it is an interesting of matter that there are 92 tea gardens in this district that has made it one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh.
There is available educational institution for the students this district. There are many cultural organizations are here for the public entertainment. Some local daily and weekly newspapers and magazine published from this district like Daily Banglar Din, Daily Khola Chithi, Weekly Patakhnrir Desh, Weekly Varta, Janaprattasha, Muktakatha, Manb, Thikana, Al Insan, Sreemangaler Chithi, Sree Bani, Pubali Varta, Sree Vhumi, Joy Varta and Kulaurar Dak.

Maulvibazar district map
Maulvibazar district map

Main fruits and main crops

Agricultural activities are main occupation of  this districts most people. Paddy is the major crops and pineapple, cane, orange, ager, rubber, mangoes and the jackfruit are the main fruits of this district. The main exports of this district are bamboo, tea, pineapple, cane, jackfruit, oranges, agar, rubber, mangoes and lemons.
The main river of Hobiganj district is Manu, Dholoi and the Juri. Besides, every year there is excessive rainfall in India during the rainy season, the excess water floss through these rivers and causes flood in low-lowing parts in Maulvibazar district. As a result, this area becomes many distressing.

Maulvibazar district picture
Maulvibazar picture

Cinema halls and tourist spots

This district are few cinema halls such as Joy cinema hall, Chitrokatha cinema hall, Radhanath cinema hall, Chitrali cinema hall, Victoria cinema hall, Kalpona cinema hall and Pubali cinema hall.
Madhabkunda waterfall is one of the most wonderful tourism spot in Maulvibazar district. Every year many tourists came to see this enchanting place. Hakaluki Haor, Madhobpur Lake, Bilashchhara Lake and Lawachara National Park in Kamalganj are also interesting place for the tourist. Besides, tea gardens is the main attraction in Maulvibazaar district. Foreigners are come here to enjoy this enthralling scenery. This town now has a shopping mall and several American, Indian and Chinese eateries. This districts is play vital role, so the government priority to it.

Upazilas of Maulvibazar district: Kulaura upazila, Kamalganj upazila, Moulvibazar sadar upazila, Rajnagar upazila, Sreemangal upazila, Juri upazila and Barlekha upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: uttorpurbo.

Post Code Numbers: Baralekha- 3250, Juri- 3251, Dhakkhinbag- 3252, Purbashahabajpur- 3253, Kamalganj- 3220, Keramatnaga- 3221, Patrakhola- 3222, Shamsher Nagar- 3223, Munshibazar- 3224, Kulaura- 3230, Tillagaon- 3231, Langla- 3232, Prithimpasha- 3233, Kajaldhara- 3234, Karimpur- 3235, Baramchal- 3237, Moulvibazar Sadar- 3200, Barakapan- 3201, Monumukh- 3202, Afrozganj- 3203, Rajnagar- 3240, Srimangal- 3210, Narain Chora- 3211, Kalighat- 3212, Khejurichhara- 3213, Satgaon- 3214.

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