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Misha Sawdagor has special contributed to BD film industry

Misha Sawdagor, popular villain of Bangladeshi film industry. He has more earned viewer’s love for his acting. He has worked in the many movies. He is very intelligent, handsome and attractive actor. He is very hard-worker actor. He appeared in 1994 in Jachche Valobasha movie as a villain. Then step by step he has worked in the film as a villain. To heard his name the viewers as though to become very excited for watching his movies. In the films, Misha Sawdagor comes after as if success becomes regularly. At present, he works as a villain but before he could work as a hero.

Popular villain actor Misha

Misha Sawdagor has worked a lot of different movies. His acted movie is Chetona, Omon Songi, Asha Amar Valobasha, Jibon Songsar, Shotter Mirttu Nei, Prem Piyashi, Buker Vitor Agun, Shanto Keno Mastan, Bolo Na TUmi Amar, Poran Jay Jolai Re, Takar Cheye Prem Boro, Hay Prem Hay Valobasha, Jonmo Tomar Jonno and so on. In the future, he will also have directed in the future. He has worked more than 800 films.

National award winner Misha Sawdagor

The directors and producers are more interested for Misha and they are more successful to get him in movies. His success and fame is spread in all Bangladesh. He wanted to see himself as a famous actor. He has acting different character in many movies with many actors and actress. He has spent a lot of movie and in the future, will want to do work in the movie. As an actor he has recognized many awards and approvals. Besides, Misha Sawdagor has got National Film Awards as a Best Villain in Boss Number One film.

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