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Munshiganj District was also known as Bikrampur. Know?

Munshiganj district is in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division and it is located in the border of Dhaka district. It is the political and cultural center of ancient Bengal. Historically, it was also known as Bikrampur. Then it was established in 1986 as Munshiganj district. Area of this district is about 958.96 sq km. However, north of this district is situated Dhaka and Narayanganj district, Madaripur and Shariatpur district on the south, Comilla and Chandpur district on the east, Dhaka and Faridpur district on the west. There are lived the Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus and Christians in this district. Besides, other ethnic people are also lived in here.

Munshiganj district information

The educational field in this district is ahead. Available educational institutions are government and non-government primary school, high school, government and Non-government College, universities and other educational institutes. Here are educational institutes are very brilliant. Literacy rate is increasing every year.

Munshiganj district map
Munshiganj district map

Daily, weekly and monthly newspapers are published in Munshiganj as Daily Munshiganjer Kagoj, Weekly Munshiganj, Weekly Munshiganj Sangbad, Monthly Vikrampur etc. Involved to different kinds of occupations people of this district are agriculture, fishing, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, industry, commerce, construction, service, transport and others. Some cultivable crops are jute, rice, wheat and other vegetables. Here are also produces sugarcane and banana. Additionally, Munshiganj district is famous for potato. This district is one of the largest producers of potatoes in Bangladesh. Some rivers are Padma, Meghna, Small Brahamaputra, Dholessori and Ichamati.

Munshiganj district Picture
Munshiganj picture

Most good-looking spots in this district

Attractive tourist spots are located in this district for example Idrakpur Fort in Munshiganj town, Paditer vita at Bajrayogini, Baba Adam’s Mosque, Dighi of Raja Haris Chandra, home stead of Raja Ballal Sen, home stead of Raja Sreenath at Rampal, Rampal Dighi, Kodal Dhoar Dighi, Shyamsiddhi Math at Sreenagar, Hasara Dargah, Sholaghar Math, Kazihal Mosque, Palghata Bridge, Panch Pir Dargah. These spots are very charming. Every year, foreigners are come to see here. Besides, native people are come to look at everyday.
Munshiganj district is many sports as cricket, football, kabadi, badminton, hockey etc. Here is located Munshiganj stadium. Information and technology is also developed in this district.

Upazilas of Munshiganj district: Gazaria upazila, Lohaganj upazila, Munshiganj Sadar upazila, Sirajdikhan upazila, Sreenagar upazila and Tongibari upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers:munshigonj

Post Code Numbers: Gajaria- 1510, Hossendi- 1511, Rasulpur- 1512, Haridia- 1333, Gouragonj- 1334, Madini Mandal- 1335, Lohajang- 1530, Korhati- 1531, Haldia SO- 1532, Haridia DESO- 1533, Gouragonj- 1534, Medini Mandal EDSO- 1535, Munshiganj Sadar- 1500, Rikabibazar- 1501, Mirkadim- 1502, Kathakhali- 1503, Sirajdikhan- 1540, Kola- 1541, Ichapur- 1542, Malkha Nagar- 1543, Shekher Nagar- 1544, Srinagar- 1550, Barikhal- 1551, Mazpara- 1552, Hashara- 1553, Kolapara- 1554, Kumarbhog- 1555, Vaggyakul SO- 1556, Baghra- 1557, Bhaggyakul- 1558, Tangibari- 1520, Betkahat- 1521, Baligao- 1522, Bajrajugini- 1523, Hasail- 1524, Dighirpar- 1525, Pura EDSO- 1526, Pura- 1527.

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