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Mymensingh District has many kinds of educational institution

Mymensingh is one of the districts of Dhaka division in Bangladesh. Mymensingh district is an old district and one of the best for living in country. Because few fuel run-vehicles and air pollution levels are very low. It was established in 1984. It has an area of 4363 sq km. It is surrounded by Meghalaya state of India and Garo Hills, Gazipur district on the south, Netrokona and Kishoreganj district on the east, Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail district on the west. The Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians are lived in this district. Besides, other ethnic nationals are also lived in here such as Garo, Hajong, Koch and Hadi. But Joynul Abedin is a great painter and his home is located in this district.

Mymensingh district information

This district is one of the best places for educating in Bangladesh. For the reason, that here is very low of sound pollution and one of the best towns of Bangladesh to educate child up to good position. Every year, lots of students are get admission in different universities and medical college from this town in Bangladesh. However, educational institutions are available in this district as Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Medical College, Community Based Medical College and Mymensingh Girls Cadet College. Moreover, government and non-government primary school, high school, Cadet College, college and universities are located in here.

Mymensingh district map
Mymensingh district map

Newspapers of this district

Different newspapers are published in here as Daily Jahan, Daily Shojon, Daily Shodesh Songbad, Daily Ajker Mymensingh, Daily Sobuj, Daily Desher Khobor, Daily Shopto Mohadesh and Daily Lok-lokantor.

Main occupations are agriculture, fishing, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, industry, commerce, construction, service, transport and others. There are cultivated some crops in Mymensingh district as paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, oil seed and pulse, betel leaf, karalla, sweet potato, turmeric, ginger, brinjal, cauliflower and chili. Main fruits are jackfruit, banana, pineapple, papaya, kadbel, guava, borori, amla, palm etc. This district is some rivers like Jamuna, Brahmaputra and Meghna.

Mymensingh district picture
Mymensingh district picture

Cultural organizations and Tourist spots

Some cultural organizations are located in this district for example public library, museum, drama stage, literary society, cinema hall, theatre group, drama stage, literacy society, theatre group, woman’s organization. For entertainment, these organizations are very necessary for people of this district.
Mymensingh district is some tourist spots are Shashi lodge museum, Gouripur House, Raj Rajeshobori water works, Mymensingh Town hall, Kalushah Ba Kalshar Dighi, Moharaj Shurokanther Bari and China Matir Tila. To see these spots are very attractive. Many foreigners are come to look at. Besides, some archaeological heritages are rajbaris of Gauipur and Muktagachha, Durgabari, kella tajpur, Bokaynagar fort, Alexandra castle and gospel church. These spots are also charming.
This district is very developed and its all site is more ahead.

Upazilas of Mymensingh district: Bhaluka upazila, Dhobaura upazila, Fulbaria upazila, Gaffargaon upazila, Gauripur upazila, Haluaghat upazila, Ishwarganj upazila, Mymensingh Sadar upazila, Muktagachha upazila, Nandail upazila, Phulpur upazila and Trishal upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspapers: Daily Jahan, Daily Shojon, Daily Shodesh Songbad, Daily Ajker Mymensingh.

Post Code Numbers: Bhaluka- 2240, Fulbaria- 2216, Gaforgaon- 2230, Shibganj- 2231, Usti- 2232, Kandipara- 2233, Duttarbazar- 2234, Gouripur- 2270, Ramgopalpur- 2271, Haluaghat- 2260, Dhara- 2261, Munshirhat- 2262, Isshwargonj- 2280, Sohagi- 2281, Atharabari- 2282, Muktagachha- 2210, Mymensingh Sadar- 2200, Kawatkhali- 2201, Agriculture Universi- 2202, Shombhuganj- 2203, Biddyaganj- 2204, Pearpur- 2205, Nandail- 2290, Gangail- 2291, Phulpur- 2250, Beltia- 2251, Tarakanda- 2252, Trishal- 2220, Ahmadbad- 2221, Ram Amritaganj- 2222, Dhala- 2223.

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