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Naogaon district was established in 1984.

Naogaon district is a district of northern Bangladesh and it is a part of the Rajshahi division. It is the historical place. Basically at first it was a village. Then it turned into a town. This district is surrounded by West Bengal of India on the north, Natore and Rajshahi district on the south, Joypurhat and Bogra district on the west, Nawabganj district and West Bengal on the west. It has an area of 3435.67 sq km. There is a matter of joy that James resident is located in this district. He is a Nagor Baul and popular for Bangladesh. Not only is that Bangladesh James also popular in India and other country.

Naogaon district information

There are the Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian live in this district. Kusmba mosque is located in this district. It is a famous mosque by muslims of this district. Besides, ethnic community also lives in Naogaon such as Santal, Oraon, Mahali, Munda, Mahali, Bansphor and Kurmi.
This district are many educational institutions for instance Naogaon K.D. Govt. high school, Raja Haranath high school, Kaligram Rabindranath Institute, Chak Athita high school, English School and many other institutes. Here literacy rate is very hopefully.

Naogaon district map
Naogaon district map

There are some local daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines in this district like Daily Nabajug, Daily Nabadiganta, Weekly Bangabani, Weekly Bakachand, Daily Nababarta, Daily Banglar Kantha, Monthly Rupantor and magazine are Sangkalon, Tolpar, Protichhabi, Kalbela, Eisomoy, Calantika and Anjali Loho Mor. These newspapers are very popular and brought by welfare for Naogaon districts people.

People’s occupation of this district

Agriculture activities are the main occupation in Naogaon peoples. In here, most of the people of this district are farmer. Moreover agriculture laborer, commerce, job, service are also occupation in this district. These districts are main crops like paddy, jute, wheat, maize, sugar cane, brinjal, onions, garlic, potato, watermelon, oil seeds, pulses etc. Among them of the main exports are paddy, rice and potato. This district has more developed by the economical sector. Naogaon district is considered the storerooms food supply for Bangladesh. There are many rivers in Naogaon district as Atrail, Punorvoba, Nagor, little Jamuna, Chiri and Tulsi Ganga.

Naogaon district picture
Naogaon district picture

Tourist spots

Tourist spots have many in this district for example Paharpur Buddhist Vihara, Jagaddal Vihara, Halud Vihara, Agrapuri Vihara, Dubalhati Rajbari, Alta Dighi Dhamoirhat, Mohadevpur Rajbari, Dibor Dighi-Patnitols, Dudulhati Royal Palace, Halud Bihar, Vimer Panti etc. These places are very fantastic. So, foreign and natives visit to see this charming place about almost day.
Naogaon district is progressed day by day. It has declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It is a matter of proud for Bangladesh. Bangladesh government is also taking decisions to develop in this district.

Upazilas of Naogaon district: Atrai upazila, Badalgachhi upazila, Dhamoirhat upazila, Manda upazila, Mahadevpur upazila, Naogaon sadar upazila, Niamatpur upazila, Patnitala upazila, Porsha upazila, Raninagar upazila and Sapahar upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: mohakalgarhbarta.

Post Code Numbers: Ahsanganj- 6596, Bandai- 6597, Badalgachhi- 6570, Dhamuirhat- 6580, Mahadebpur- 6530, Naogaon Sadar- 6500, Niamatpur- 6520, Nitpur- 6550, Porsa- 6551, Panguria- 6552, Patnitala- 6540, Prasadpur- 6510, Manda- 6511, Balihar- 6512, Raninagar- 6590, Kashimpur- 6591, Sapahar- 6560, Moduhil- 6561.

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