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Narayanganj District, Songargaon is the main tourist spot

Narayanganj district is of Dhaka division in central Bangladesh. It is near of the capital city of Dhaka. This district is main city of the district. River port is one of oldest of this district in Bangladesh and also a center of business and industry. At first, it was established as a subdivision in 1882. Then it was turned into a district in 1984. It has an area of 759.57 sq km. It is bordered by Narsingdi and Gazipur district on the north, Munshiganj district on the south, Brahmanbaria and Comilla district on the east, Dhaka district on the west. The Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus are lived in this district. Besides, other ethnics are also lived in here.

Narayanganj district information

This district has many residential educational institutions as government and non-government primary school, high school, government and Non-government College, universities, training institutions, community school and other educational institutes. Literacy rate is very hopefully.
There are daily and weekly newspapers are published in Narayanganj district as Daily Khoborer Pata, Daily Shitalakshya, Daily Ajker Jonmobhumi, Daily Dandi Barta, Daily Juger Chinta, Daily Khobor Protidin, Daily Kaler Kotha, Weekly the Narayanganj Post, Weekly Fair News, Weekly Mukto, Weekly Purno Matra, Weekly Sonargaon, Weekly Narayanganj and Weekly Porno Matra.

Narayanganj district map
Narayanganj district map

Rivers and occupations people of this district

Different occupations are involved to peoples of this district such as agriculture, fishing, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, industry, commerce, construction, service, employed, transport and others. Moreover, some crops are cultivated in here like paddy, jute, wheat, mustard seed and vegetables. Some extinct crops are betel leaf and paddy. There are some fruits are cultivated as mango, jam, litchi, guava and banana. Main exports are fruits, jute, jamdani saris and hosiery products. Jute trade is famous of this district. It is nick named the Dundee of Bangladesh. Besides, Dundee was the first manufacturing Jute polis in the world. Several rivers are located in here as Shitalakshay, Meghna, Old Brahmaputra, Buriganga, Balu and Dhaleswari.

Narayanganj district picture
Narayanganj district picture

Shishu Academy for entertainment

For entertainment, many cultural organizations are located in Narayanganj district as Shishu academy, shilpakala academy, public library, museum, drama stage, literary society, cinema hall, theatre group, drama stage, literacy society, theater group, woman’s organization. Those organizations are very popular in this district.
Sonargaon is popular tourist spots in this district. It was the capital city of Isa Khan. It was famous for producing muslin. Every year here is foreigners and natives come to see this place and they are enjoyed. Besides, some archaeologist heritage are tomb of Sultan Giasuddin Azam Shah, Baba Saleh mosque, Goaldi mosque, three domed mosque of Sultan Jalaluddin Fateh Shah, Hajiganj fort, Sunakanda fort, Pagla bridge, Kadam Rasul dargah, Bandar shahi mosque. Those places are not less popular. Here is also come to look.
Narayanganj district will also develop in the future. For that, government and local MP are taken decision.

Upazilas of Narayanganj district: Araihazar upazila, Bandar upazila, Narayanganj sadar upazila, Rupganj upazila, Sonargaon upazila, Fatullah upazila and Siddhirganj upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: dundeebarta, sakalbarta, newsnarayanganj24

Post Code Numbers: Araihazar- 1450, Gopaldi- 1451, Baidder Bazar- 1440, Bara Nagar- 1441, Barodi- 1442, Bandar- 1410, D.C Mills- 1411, Nabiganj- 1412, BIDS- 1413, Madanganj- 1414, Fatullah- 1420, Fatulla Bazar- 1421, Narayanganj Sadar- 1400, Rupganj- 1460, Kanchan- 1461, Bhulta- 1462, Nagri- 1463, Murapara- 1464, Siddirganj- 1430, Adamjeenagar- 1431, LN Mills- 1432.

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