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Narsingdi District, where is Arshinagor Park? know?

Narsingdi district is in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. This district was as a subdivision under of great Dhaka district and it was turned into a district in 1984. It has an area of 1140.76 sq km. It is situated far away 50 km north-east of Dhaka capital city of Bangladesh. This district is surrounded by Kishoreganj district on the north and north-east, Brahmanbaria district on the east as well as south-east, Narayanganj district on the south and south-west and Gazipur district on the west. The Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus are lived in this district. Besides, the other ethnic nationals are also lived in here.

Narsingdi district information

Residential educational institutions are teachers training college, polytechnic institute, agriculture institute, government and Non-government College, madrasa, primary school etc. Every year literacy rate is increasing.
Daily and weekly newspapers are published in this district as Daily Barta, Daily Uttap, Daily Grameen Darpan, Weekly Narsingdi Khabar, Weekly Aotikram and Weekly Khorak. Moreover, some magazines are published such as Bandhan, Meghna and Grameen khabar.

Narsingdi district map
Narsingdi district map

Different kinds of occupation and crops

Peoples of this district do not depend only on agriculture. This district is famous for textile craft industry. Besides, in this district, main occupations are agriculture, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, transport, fishing, hawker, construction, service, commerce and employed. Main crops are paddy, wheat, jute, sugarcane and vegetables and extinct crops are Indigo and tobacco. Additionally, there are main fruits are jackfruit, mango, papaya, pineapple, blackberry, guava, banana, olive and litchi. Banana is very famous for size, taste, flavor and color. Among them of exports are paddy, bamboo, pineapple, guava, vegetables, lungi, shari and fertilizer.
Some rivers are flowed through of Narsingdi district as Meghna, Shitalaksha, Old Brahmaputra, Arial Kha, Haridhoa and Paharea.
Cultural organizations are public library, theatre group, cinema hall, museum, drama stage, literary society, drama stage, literacy society and woman’s organization. Every people are very busy every day. So, for that cultural organizations are very necessary for entertainment.

Narsingdi district picture
Narsingdi picture

Tourist spots of this district

Delightful tourist spots are Arshinagor Park, Sonaimore benodon park, Wari Batteshwar, three domed mosque at Ashrafpur, single domed mosque, tomb of Shah Monsur at Kumardi, Bibi Joynab mosque, Parulia mosque and Raghunath Mandir. Sonaimore Benodon Park is the most beautiful spots of Narsingdi and it is fulfill of natural beauty. Foreigners and natives are visit to see every year.
Information and technology are very easy. Narsingdi district will also develop in the future. For that, government and local MP are taken decision.

Upazilas of Narsingdi district: Belabo upazila, Monohardi upazila, Narsingdi sadar upazila, Palash upazila, Raipura upazila and Shibpur upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspapers: Daily Uttap, Daily Grameen Darpan.

Post Code Numbers: Belabo- 1640, Monohordi- 1650, Hatirdia- 1651, Katabaria- 1652, Narshingdi Sadar- 1600, UMC Jute Mills- 1601, Narshingdi College- 1602, Panchdona- 1603, Madhabdi- 1604, Karimpur- 1605, Palash- 1610, Ghorashal Urea Facto- 1611, Char Sindhur- 1612, Ghorashal- 1613, Raypura- 1630, Bazar Hasnabad- 1631, Radhaganj bazar- 1632, Shibpur- 1620.

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