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Natore District, Cholon Bill was the name of this district.

Before name of Natore district was Cholon Bill. Then in the 17th century Ramjibon Rai was king in that place. He came to find suitable place for his capital in Cholon Bill by boat. He saw there that a frog caught a snake. To saw this scenery, he ordered the boatmen-NAO THARO. That means stop the boat. This place was named Natore from the NAO THARO. Then that time Natore was as a bill. He fixed this place for his capital in 1706. It was the central office of Rajshahi district in 1821. In 1845, Natore was established as a Mahukuma. Then it was established as a municipally in 1869. Natore was established as a district in 1984. It is a district in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of Rajshahi division. It is bordered the metropolitan city of Rajshahi. Natore is with an area of 1896.05 sq km. It is bordered by Naogan and Bogra districts on the north, Pabna and Kushtia district on the south, Pabna and Sirajganj districts on the east, Rajshahi district on the west. This district is located far away 220 km from Dhaka. People of the Natore district are some via of communication facility. The Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist and others live in this district.

Natore district map
Natore district map

Natore district information

There are many educational institutions in this district for example Kalishadanga Degree College, government and non-government primary school, secondary school and many others. Besides, there are few NGO institutions in this district such as BRAC, CARE, Grameen Bank etc.
Few local daily and weekly newspapers are published in Natore  like Daily Uttarbongo Barta, Daily Jonodesh, Weekly Natore Barta, Weekly Uttar Gonojibon, Weekly Alokitho Cholon Beel and Daily Matir desh and so on. This district has main occupation such as commerce, job, agriculture, agriculture labourer, service etc. But agriculture activity is main occupation people of this district.

Natore district picture
Natore district picture

Tourist spots of this district

Kacha Golla is a famous sweet of this district. It gets in any sweet shop in this district. This sweet is the best quality at present. Natore has many tourist spots for instance Rani Bhabanir Rajbari, Chalan Beel and Dighapatiya Rajbari etc. Every year tourists come to look this place and they are much enjoyed. Bangladesh is very developed day by day for this district. All side of Pabna district is much progressed.

Upazilas of Natore district: Bagatipara upazila, Baraigram upazila, Gurudaspur upazila, Lalpur upazila, Natore sadar upazila and Singra upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: mohakalgarhbarta.

Post Code Numbers: Gopalpur U.P.O- 6420, Lalpur S.O- 6421, Abdulpur- 6422, Harua- 6430, Dayarampur- 6431, Baraigram- 6432, Hatgurudaspur- 6440, Laxman- 6410, Natore Sadar- 6400, Digapatia- 6401, Baiddyabal Gharia- 6402, Madhnagar- 6403, Singra- 6450.

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