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Netrokona District is near the Himalayan border

Netrokona district is a part of Dhaka division in central Bangladesh. This district is located in the northern part of Bangladesh and near the Himalayan border. At first, it was established as a subdivision in 1882 and then it was turned into a district in 1984. Area of this district is 2810.40 sq km. On the north of this district is Meghalaya (India), Kishoreganj district on the south, Sunamaganj district on the east and Mymensingh district on the west. There are four religions are lived in here. The Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians are lived and other ethnics are also lived.

Netrokona district information

Educational institutions are available in this district as government and non-government primary schools, colleges, high schools, kindergarten schools, Cadet College, primary training institute, vocational institute, madrasas and others institute. But here literacy rate is hopefully. Male and female of both are gone to school.
Few local newspapers are published in this district like Daily Banglar Darpan, Dailly Jananerta and Daily Desh Kantho. Besides, some magazines are also published in here Akshar, Chetana, Spandan, Smriti-71 etc. These newspapers are given to reach all kinds of necessary news.

Netrokona district map
Netrokona district map

Different kinds of occupations in this district

This district’s people are involved to different occupations for example agriculture, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, fishing, industry, commerce, transport, construction, service, hawker and others. Some cultivated crops are paddy, jute, wheat, mustard seed and potato. Main fruits are cultivated in here they are jackfruit, mango, banana, lemon, coconut, papaya, palm. Moreover, some exports are paddy, jute, wheat etc. Main rivers are situated in Netrokona district as Kangsha, Dhala, Magra, Someshwari, Dhanu and Teorkhali.
Birishiri cultural academy, public library, theatre group, cinema hall, museum, drama stage, literary society, drama stage, literacy society and woman’s organization are important cultural organization. Every day many people are come for entertainment.

Netrokona district picture
Netrokona picture

Tourist spots of this district

There are many tourist spots in this district such as Roail Bari Fort at Kendua, Khoja Dighi and palace of Maharaja at Susang Durgapur, Komola Rani dighi, Shat Shaher mazar, Roail bari Durgo, dighi of Kamol Rani, Buddhist Math at Krishnapur of Atpara and the archaeological relics of Salki Matikata. These tourist spots are very crowd. To enjoy these places, foreigners are visit. Different educational institutions student are come to picnic and very enjoy.
Netrokona district is few games and sports such as kabadi, dariabanda, football, cricket and others. Transportation system is more develop. Information and technology are also urbanized in this district.

Upazilas of Netrokona district: Atpara upazila, Barhatta upazila, Durgapur upazila, Khaliajuri upazila, Kalmakanda upazila, Kendua upazila, Madan upazila, Mohanganj upazila, Netrokona sadar upazila and Purbadhala upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspapers: Daily Banglar Darpan, Dailly Jananerta, Daily Desh Kantho.

Post Code Numbers: Susnng Durgapur- 2420, Atpara- 2470, Barhatta- 2440, Dharampasha- 2450, Dhobaura- 2416, Sakoai- 2417, Kalmakanda- 2430, Kendua- 2480, Khaliajhri- 2460, Shaldigha- 2462, Madan- 2490, Moddoynagar- 2456, Mohanganj- 2446, Netrokona Sadar- 2400, Baikherhati- 2401, Purbadhola- 2410, Shamgonj- 2411, Jaria Jhanjhail- 2412.

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