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Meghna is the main river in Noakhali District.

Noakhali district is the situated the Bay of Bengal on the south and it included to Chittagong division. It is located in south-eastern of Bangladesh. The ancient name of Noakhali Sadar was Sudharam. Chittagong and Feni district on the east side of it. It is surrounded by Comilla on the north side. On the south of this district is situated the Meghna estuary. This district is connecting link between the Lakshmipur and Bhola on the west side and some parts of this district of Chandpur. The East India Company took decided that they divided 19 districts in Bangladesh. From the begging, this area was selected as a district city the primary list of East India Company. Before becoming as district, it was a part of Tripura district. It was established in 1821 during the British period. Then in 1983, Feni and Lakshmipur Mahakuma was divided to the this district. This district’s area is 4202.70 km. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here and most of the people of this district lives Muslim.

Noakhali district information

There is available educational institution for the students in Noakhali district like Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali Medical College and Hospital, Begumgonj Textile Engineering College, Noakhali Zilla School, Medical Assistant Training School, Noakhali Government Girl’s College, Noakhali Law College etc and all that are developed day by day. Few daily newspaper and magazine published from this district Daily Noakhali Barta, Daily National Noor, National Nishan, Jonotar Odhekar and so on.

Noakhali district map
Noakhali district map

All most of the people of the Noakhali are involved to agricultural activities. The farmers cultivated mainly paddy, potato, and vegetables. Agriculture, hunting fish, rearing animal are main livelihood. People of this district are many intelligent and sincere.

Noakhali district picture
Noakhali picture

Cultural organizations for public entertainment

Few cultural organizations club for the public entertainment. There are many tourist spots in Noakhali such as Nijum Dweep, Bidyabhushan Bhattacharja, Queen Lurther`s Church, Gandhi Ashram and Bazra Shahi Mosque and so on. Besides, Bazra Shahi Mosque is very awesome to look at and the ancient building of Bidyabhushan Bhattacharja situated at village Ghoshkamta, it is another spot of architectural beauty of this district. It is to see like of Tajmahal. There are few cinema halls in Noakhali district. This district is developed day by day. Almost time, tourism visit in Noakhali district.

Upazilas of Noakhali district: Begumganj upazila, Noakhali sadar upazila, Chatkhil upazila, Companiganj upazila, Hatiya upazila, Senbagh upazila, Sonaimuri upazila, Subarnachar upazila and Kabirhat upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: amarsangbad, loksangbad, chalomannoakhali.

Post Code Numbers: Basur Hat- 3850, Charhajari- 3851, Begumganj- 3820, Choumohani- 3821, Banglabazar- 3822, Mir Owarishpur- 3823, Bazra- 3824, Jamidar Hat- 3825, Sonaimuri- 3827, Gopalpur- 3828, Joynarayanpur- 3829, Alaiarpur- 3831, Tangirpar- 3832, Khalafat Bazar- 3833, Rajganj- 3834, Oachhekpur- 3835, Bhabani Jibanpur- 3837, Maheshganj- 3838, Nadona- 3839, Nandiapara- 3841, Khalishpur- 3842, Dauti- 3843, Joyag- 3844, Thanar Hat- 3845, Amisha Para- 3847, Durgapur- 3848, Chatkhil- 3870, Palla- 3871, Khilpara- 3872, Bodalcourt- 3873, Rezzakpur- 3874, Solla- 3875, Karihati- 3877, Dosh Gharia- 3878, Bansa Bazar- 3879, Sahapur- 3881, Sampara- 3882, Shingbahura- 3883, Hatiya- 3890, Afazia- 3891, Tamoraddi- 3892, Noakhali Sadar- 3800, Noakhali College- 3801, Sonapur- 3802, Din Monir Hat- 3803, Pak Kishoreganj- 3804, Mriddarhat- 3806, Kabirhat- 3807, Khalifar Hat- 3808, Charam Tua- 3809, Chaprashir Hat- 3811, Char Jabbar- 3812, Senbag- 3860, Kallyandi- 3861, Beezbag- 3862, Kankirhat- 3863, Chatarpaia- 3864, T.P. Lamua- 3865.

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