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Patuakhali District is a very wonderful place in BD

Patuakhali district is very attractive district and it’s around is fulfilled with natural beauty. It is very charming for Kuakata sea-beach. This district again is known as ‘Shagor Kanna’ in the named. That means ‘Daughter of sea’. It is also eye-catching for sunrise and sunset. It is very famous place in Bangladesh. However it is a district to the South-Western side of Bangladesh and it is a part of Barisal division. On the north of this district is Barisal, the Bay of Bengal on the south, Bhola district on the east and Barguna district on the west. The area of this district is composed of small chars. Three sides are bounded by the river of this district like-the Andharmanik, Agunmukha, Payra, Lohalia, Patuakhali and Tentulia etc. Laukathi and Lohalia rivers are the main river of it. These rivers are directly connected with the Bay of Bengal.

Patuakhali district information

This district was established in 1969. Its area is 3204.58 Sq Kilometers. There are also tribal nationals live here. Rakhains is lived about 13300. There are available educational institutions for the students this district such as- Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Government and Non-government College, polytechnic institute, and vocational training institutes and so on. Besides other districts are many high schools, junior high schools, madras, primary schools, community schools, satellite schools etc. This district is many developed for the education.

Patuakhali district map
Patuakhali district map

Few local daily and weekly newspaper and magazine published from this district. Newspaper are Rupantar, Tentulia, Ganadabi, Sathi, Weekly Payra, fortnightly Metho Barta, defunct (weekly) Palliseba (1934), Gram Bangla, Khilafat, Pratinidhi, Janata, Avijatri, (fortnightly), Andhar-manil, Swadesh Darpan, Saikat, Priya Kagaz, monthly Chabuk, Patuakhli Samachar, EK Mutho Suravi etc.

Different kinds of mills and factories

Patuakhali district has many mills and factories. Fish, dry fish, pottery goods and cereals are main exporter product. There are many fruits in this district like-mango, guava, jamun, jackfruit, lemon, kaijou nut, custard-apple, tamarind, papaya, pineapple, peanutor, banana, coconut, lichi, pomgranate, date, fig, haritaki and palm etc. All most of the people are involved to agriculture and fishing activities of this district. Main crops are paddy, potato, Jute, Mug, Ground nut, Betel leaf, Watermelon, Vegetables, Sugarcane, Lentil, Khesari, Mustard, Linseed, Coriander seed and so on.

Patuakhali district picture
Patuakhali picture

There are many tourist spots such as Kuakata Buddhist Vihara, Tomb of Syed Arefin at Kalisuri, Ashram of Mahendra Pagla and so on. Kuakata sea-beach is the best attractive spot. This district is maximum temperature 33.3°C and minimum 12.1°C. Annual rainfall is 2506mm. Patuakhali district is very fantastic district in Bangladesh.

Upazilas of Patuakhali district: Bauphal upazila, Dasmina upazila, Dumki upazila, Galachipa upazila, Kalapara upazila, Mirzaganj upazila and Patuakhali Sadar upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: patuakhaliweb

Post Code Numbers: Bauphal- 8620, Bagabandar- 8621, Birpasha- 8622, Kalishari- 8623, Kalaia- 8624, Dashmina- 8630, Galachipa- 8640, Gazipur Bandar- 8641, Khepupara- 8650, Mahipur- 8651, Patuakhali Sadar- 8600, Moukaran- 8601, Dumkee- 8602, Rahimabad- 8603, Subidkhali- 8610.

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