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Pirojpur District. Barisal Division, Bangladesh.

The previous name of Pirojpur district was Firozpur by name of the son Zamindar Firoz Shah of Shah Shuja. Before become the district it was sub-division. The north of this district are located Gopalgonj, Barisal and Jhalokathi on the north-east, Bagerhat on the south-west and Barguna on the south-east. The Baleshwar, Sandhya, Kaliganga and Katcha are rivers of this district.

Pirojpur district information

This district was established in 1984. Its area is 1307.61Sq Kilometers. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. There are living Muslims 79.01%, Hindu 20.91% and others 0.08%. There are 3934 mosques, 15 temples and 2 churches in this district. There is available educational institution for the students this district. This district is a PTI. Besides, there are few government and non-government colleges, 5 government high schools and many other non-government high schools, primary schools, madrasas etc.

Pirojpur district map
Pirojpur district map

Here has many tour spots like Kumarkhali Kali Mandir, Rayerkati Zamindarbari and Shiva Mandir, Two domed mosque, Remnants of Kaurikhara Zamindarbari, Nesarabad business center etc. Nesarabad is also known as Sundori tree (a kind of mangrove). There are annual average temperature of this district is maximum 35.5°C, minimum 12.5°C and annual rainfall is 1710mm.

Daily and weekly newspapers and magazine

Few local daily and weekly newspaper and magazine published from Pirojpur. All most of the people of this district are involved to agriculture activities. Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane and Betel leaf are main crops of this district. Jackfruit, Mango, Banana, Coconut, Amra and Guava are major fruits of Pirojpur. Banana, Betel leaf, Coconut, Guava, Banana, Amra, betel nut is the main exports. There are many mills and factories such as textile mill, flour mill, ice factory, rice mill, saw mill, bakery, oil mill etc.

Pirojpur district picture
Pirojpur picture

Transportation is mainly by road and waterways. Buses, auto rickshaws and rickshaws are used for transport as like as districts. Launches, steamers and boats are used for traveling on the rivers. Many people came to see Pirojpur district wonderful place every year.

Upazilas of Pirojpur district: Bhandaria upazila, Kawkhali upazila, Mathbaria upazila, Nazirpur upazila, Pirojpur sadar upazila, Nesarabad (Swarupkati) upazila and Zianagor upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: barisalnews, shahnamabd.

Post Code Numbers: Banaripara- 8530, Chakhar- 8531, Bhandaria- 8550, Kanudashkathi- 8551, Dhaoa- 8552, Kaukhali- 8510, Keundia- 8511, Joykul- 8512, Jolagati- 8513, Mathbaria- 8560, Tushkhali- 8561, Halta- 8562, Gulishakhali- 8563, Tiarkhali- 8564, Betmor Natun Hat- 8565, Shilarganj- 8566, Nazirpur- 8540, Sriramkathi- 8541, Pirojpur Sadar- 8500, Hularhat- 8501, Parerhat- 8502, Swarupkathi- 8520, Darus Sunnat- 8521, Kaurikhara- 8522, Jalabari- 8523.

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