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Ramna Park, of course you know about it?

Ramna Park is very large and nice park. It is a traditional and historical park. This park is one of the most beautiful areas in Dhaka with lots of trees and a lake near its center.

Ramna park information

The history of Ramna starts about 1610 the EC during the Mughal rule, when the city of Dhaka was founded by Islam Khan Subehdar under Emperor Jahangir. At that moment, two beautiful residential areas developed in the northern suburb of Dhaka city. During that period, this area were built new homes, gardens, mosques, tombs and temples. After the fall of the Mughal empires, Ramna lost much of its glory. Ramna was then a barren area with bushes, abandoned buildings or ruins, ancient tombs and temples. Then, this park lost also of its glory in the 17th century. In the next time, a British collector Mr. Dowes was decision also for development of this park in 1825 year. Then in the1851 year,  new beautiful garden was built. It built Nawabs. Gradually, this park is also developed in the 20 century.

Ramna park picture
Ramna park picture

Trees of this park

This park now protects an area of 68.50 acres (277,200 m2), of which the lake covers 8.76 acres (35,500 m2). It now grows 71 species of flowering trees shrubs, perennials, and annuals, 36 species fruit bearing plant, 33 species medicinal plant and 41 species of forestry and 11 other species. For this, it again is known as green garden. This parks have many big banyan trees. There are sitting place under of this banyan tree. Besides, there are also many sitting place Again, There are also special manage for taking rest. This park have many flower garden. This park is very clear and government is many active in this matter.

Ramna park Dhaka picture
Ramna park Dhaka picture

Every year, Bengali nation are celebrate their Pahela Boishakh here. Everyday, there are many crowd because man of both kinds come for physical exercise here in the morning.

Ramna park lake picture
Ramna park lake picture

So comfortable this garden

Besides, many parents come enjoy take with their children, many lovers come enjoy their love. Every year, many school, college and universities students come here enjoy their picnic. Many foreigners are come visit in Ramna park. As if any problem is not. For this, there is special security guard. We love a lot at this place and we are very proud.

Source: Wikipedia.

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