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Rangamati District, Karniphuli river is the main attraction

Rangamati district is an excellent place and the largest district among the other districts of Bangladesh. It is a part of Chittagong division and it is a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It is 77km away from Chittagong. It is an excellent scenic beauty and lakeside location north eastern part of Bangladesh. The Tripura border state of India to the north is linked of this district, Bandarban district to the south, Mizoram State of India and Chin State of Myanmar to the east and Khagrachari and Chittagong district to the west. Before Rangamati region was a contesting ground between the kings of the Tripura and the Arakan. So, the King of Tripura and Arakan always fights this region before came under the Mughal Empire or ruler. Before came the Mughal Empire, the English East India Company conquered this region.

Rangamati district information

This district was established in 1983. This town is mainly divided into 13 areas. The Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian religion of people live here. But there is a lot of ethnic groups of peoples live this district like Chakma, Marma, Tanchangya, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai, Khiang, Murang, Rakhain, Chak, Bowm and Khumi.

Rangamati district map
Rangamati district map

There is available educational institution for the student such as Government primary schools, non-government primary schools, Government College, Non-government College, madrasas and technical schools etc and literacy rate is very developed. Few daily newspaper and magazine published from Rangamati district.

Agricultural activities are the main occupation

All most of the people of the Rangamati are involved to agricultural activities. The farmer cultivated mainly paddy, cotton, potato, mustard seed jute and corn. Besides mango, jackfruit, banana, pineapple and black berry etc. There are many rivers in this district such as Thga, Horina, Kassalong, Shublang, Chingri, Rainkhiang and Kaptai. Besides the Karnaphuli is the main river in the Rangamati district.
More than 150 cultural organizations club for the public entertainment like natural waterfall at Suvalong, Chakma Raj Bari, Raj Bana Bihar, Kaptai lake, famous hanging bridge at Parjatan Complex, Furamon hill, Kaptai national park, Karnafully Paper Mills and Chandraghona Chtmaram Budhha Bihar etc.

Rangamati district picture
Rangamati picture

Wow! how nice all these place

The Furamon hill has charmed this area. There are several waterfalls in the hill tracts adjoining are the most attractive for the tourist. This district is surrounded by hills and ever green. To saw anybody, his mind does not want regain. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation provides good hotel accommodation for the tourist. There is a Shishu academy, Shilpakala academy, three public libraries, few cinema halls and one tribal cultural institution. Many foreigners come from different countries this fantastic scenery. Recent time, the government has taken step to develop the security and information technology of Rangamati district. This district is the most attractive travel spot for the tourist anywhere of world. All ready the government has declared as a heritage area.

Upazilas of Rangamati district: Baghaichari upazila, Barkal upazila, Kawkhali (Betbunia) upazila, Belaichari upazila, Kaptai upazila, Juraichari upazila, Langadu upazila, Nanierchar upazila, Rajasthali upazila and Rangamati sadar upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: banglapostbd, ctgtimes.

Post Code Numbers: Barakal- 4570, Bilaichhari- 4550, Jarachhari- 4560, Kalampati- 4510, Betbunia- 4511, Kaptai- 4530, Chandraghona- 4531, Kaptai Project- 4532, Kaptai Nuton Bazar- 4533, Longachh- 4580, Marishya- 4590, Nanichhar- 4520, Rajsthali- 4540, Rangamati Sadar- 4500.

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