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Satkhira District is a part of Khulna division of bangladesh

Satkhira district is in south-western Bangladesh. It is a part of Khulna division. This district was established in 1984. It has an area of 3858.33 sq km. This district is surrounded by Jessore district on the north, Bay of Bengal on the south, Khulna district on the east and Twenty four Pargana district of West Bengal, India. The Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian are lived in this district.

Satkhira district information

Government primary school, primary teachers training institute, high schools, junior high schools, madras’s, colleges and medical college are located in this district. As a result, students are not harder working for going other place. Besides, other institutes are very brilliant to the educational field.
Few local daily newspaper in here as The Daily Patradoot, Daily Aajkel, Daily Juger Barta, Daily Drishtipat etc. Every day these newspapers are given service to local people.

Satkhira district map
Satkhira district map

Most of the people of southern part of this district are depend on Pisculture. That is called Gher. Agriculture, agricultural labourer, wage labourer, service, transport, job are main occupations. There are main fruits such as mango, blackberry, jackfruit, banana, papaya, litchi, coconut, guava etc. Besides, some exports products are shrimp, paddy, jute, wheat, betel leaf, leather, jute etc. This district is main farms like dairies, poultry farms, fisheries, hatcheries and cattle breeding center. The main rivers are the Kopotakho River, Morichap River, Kholpotua River, Betna, Raimangal, Hariabhanga, Ichamati and Betrabati River. Here is a land port that name is Bhomra land port. It is come from India to Bangladesh.

Satkhira district picture
Satkhira picture

Sundarbans of this district

Sundarbans is the largest halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It is a world heritage site. This forest is located covering an area of 5747 sq km in this district. Besides, Sultanpur Shah Mosque, Basjharia Joarar Ban is also tourist spots. Basjharia Joarar is mostly popular of its natural beauty. It is also known as BADHA. Sultanpur Shah Mosque is very decorative mosque. Its design is attractive. Tourism are come to enjoy these place.
There are roads and high ways transportation in this district. As a result, communication system is very easy. Satkhira district is vital introduction in different ways. This district is very developed day by day.

Upazilas of Satkhira district: Assasuni upazila, Debhata upazila, Kalaroa upazila, Kaliganj upazila, Satkhira sadar upazila, Shyamnagar upazila and Tala upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: patradoot, satkhiranews, satkhirarkhabor, satkhiranews24.

Post Code Numbers: Ashashuni- 9460, Baradal- 9461, Debbhata- 9430, Gurugram- 9431, kalaroa- 9410, Murarikati- 9411, Jhaudanga- 9412, Hamidpur- 9413, Khordo- 9414, Chandanpur- 9415, Kaliganj UPO- 9440, Nalta Mubaroknagar- 9441, Ratanpur – 9442, Nakipur- 9450, Noornagar- 9451, Naobeki- 9452, Buri Goalini- 9453, Gabura- 9454, Habinagar- 9455, Satkhira Sadar- 9400, Satkhira Islamia Acc- 9401, Gunakar kati- 9402, Budhhat- 9403, Tala- 9420, Patkelghata- 9421.

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