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Shariatpur District, Haji Shariatullah was reputed, know?

Shariatpur district is a part of Dhaka division in central Bangladesh. Haji Shariatullah was a reputed Islamic reformer and during Brititsh Raj, he was founder of Faraizi movement. Name of this district was fixed after Haji Shariatullah. It was established on 1st March 1984. It has an area of 1181.53 sq km. It is surrounded by Munshiganj district on the north, Barisal district on the south, Chandpur district on the east, Madaripur district on the west. There are lived four religions people in this district as Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians. Besides, other ethnic people are also lived. Six class’s people of this district are lived such as peasants, landless, marginal, small, intermediary and rich.

Shariatpur district information

Educational institutions are more developed. They are government primary schools and non-government primary schools, community primary schools, satellite primary schools, NGO operated primary schools, madrasa, government and non-government high schools, government colleges, registered colleges and senior madrasa. Hopefully, literacy rate is increasing in these institutions every year.
Newspapers are very necessary in daily life. So, Shariatpur district are many published daily and weekly newspapers as Daily Hunker, Daily Rudrabarta, Daily Bortamanasia, Daily Jugandhar, Weekly Mukta Kantha, Weekly Shariatpur songbad, Weekly Shetu and Weekly Saptapalli Samachar. In the early morning, those newspapers are reached by hawker in every door to door.

Shariatpur district map
Shariatpur district map

Different occupations of this district

Every man is involved to different occupations. They are agriculture, agricultural laborer, wage laborer, service, hawker, fishing and others. But most of the people are depend on agriculture. There are main crops are paddy, jute, wheat, sweet potato, onion, garlic and tomato and extinct crops are sesame, kaun, arahar and sanpat. Blackberry, mango, banana and wood apple are main fruits in this district. Moreover, main exports are jute, onion, garlic and tomato. From that, this district is more earned and added to economy. The Padma, Meghna, Jayanti, Dharmaganj, Palong and kirtinasha are main rivers in Shariatpur district.

Shariatpur district picture
Shariatpur picture

Attractive places of this district

 This district is very beautiful. There are many attractive houses in this district like Munshi Bari, Burir Hat Munshi Bari, Lakarta Shikdar Bari, Damudda Shikdar Bari, Chowdhury’s House, Kartikpur Jomidar Bari, Circuit House and Bapari Bari. Decoration of these house are delightful and around green and green. Tourists are come to see. Besides, some tourist spots are also in this district as Naria Zoo, Bhedargonj upazila chottor, Chikondi Civil Court, Darghabari Dighi, Fatehjongpur Fort, Kashempur Chawrasta etc. These places are very charming to see. Many foreigners and natives are visit to look at and enjoy.
Additionally, other sides are very developed in Shariatpur district. Economical managements are very expectantly.

Upazilas of Shariatpur district: Bhedarganj upazila, Damudya upazila, Gosairhat upazila, Naria upazila, Shariatpur sadar upazila, Zanjira upazila and Sokhipur upazila.

Government district portal:

Newspapers: Daily Rudrabarta, Daily Bortamanasia, Daily Jugandhar.

Post Code Numbers: Bhedorganj- 8030, Damudhya- 8040, Gosairhat- 8050, Jajira- 8010, Naria- 8020, Bhozeshwar- 8021, Gharisar- 8022, Upshi- 8023, Kartikpur- 8024, Shariatpur Sadar- 8000, Angaria- 8001, Chikandi- 8002.

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