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Tangail District, Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani’s residence

Tangail district is very reputed for this all side. It is a part of Dhaka division in central region of Bangladesh. It was established in 1969. Surface area of this district is 3414.39 sq km. It is bounded by Jamalpur district on the north, the Dhaka and Manikganj district on the south, the Mymensingh and Gazipur district on the east and Sirajganj district on the west. Residence of some actor and actress are located in this district they are Manna, Omit Hasan, Naim and Actress Shabnaj. Besides, residence of Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani is located in here. He was a leader of helpless people.

Tangail district information

There are many educational institutions as Government Saadat College, Mirzapur Cadet College, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University and Kumodini medical college. Besides, some institutions are also government and non-government primary school, high school, Cadet college, University college, Law college, Homeopathy College, medical assistant training school, nursing institute, police academy etc. Tangail district is more developed in educational field. Literacy rate is very good.
Few local daily and weekly newspapers are published in Tangail as Daily Majlumer kantha, Daily Ajker telegram, Weekly tangail barta, Weekly khamos, Weekly mou bazaar, Weekly purbakash etc.

Tangail district map
Tangail district map

Tangail Saree is the most popular to all

Agriculture is main occupations of this district. Most of the people are involved to agricultural activities. Besides, other occupations are agricultural laborer, wage laborer, transport, fishing, hawker, construction, service, commerce and employed. Some agricultural crops are paddy, potato, jute, sugarcane, sesame, Linseed, wheat, mustard seed and pulse. Main fruits are mango, jackfruit, banana, litchi and pineapple. Tangail is world famous for ‘Tangail Saree’ and ‘Chom Chom’ (sweetmeats). Tangail Saree is the most popular among of all saree for its design. It is popular not only all over the world but also Bangladesh. From it, economy of Bangladesh is added. There are a number of rivers flows in this district. Main rivers are Jamuna, Dhaleshwari, Jhenai, Bangshi, Louhajang, Langulia, Elongjani, Jugni, Fotikjani and the Turag.

Tangail district picture
Tangail picture

Tourist spots of this distrct

Delightful tourist spots are Atia mosque, Sagar dighi, Ichamati dighi, Nagarpur dighi, Khamarpara mosque, Dhanbari mosque etc. These spots are very nice. So, from different country people are come to look at.
This district have different kinds of games and sports for example Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Handball, Kabadi, Badminton and swimming.
Bangladesh government and district’s authority are very sincere to develop of Tangail district. Information and technology are very ahead.

Upazilas of Tangail district: Basail upazilla, Bhuapur upazilla, Delduar upazila, Dhanbari upazilla, Ghatail upazilla, Gopalpur upazilla, Kalihati upazilla, Madhupur upazilla, Mirzapur upazilla, Nagarpur upazilla, Shakhipur upazilla and Tangail sadar upazilla.

Government district portal:

Post Code Numbers: Basail- 1920, Bhuapur- 1960, Delduar- 1910, Jangalia- 1911, Patharail- 1912, Elasin- 1913, Hinga Nagar- 1914, Lowhati- 1915, Ghatial- 1980, Zahidganj- 1981, D. Pakutia- 1982, Dhalapara- 1983, Lohani- 1984, Gopalpur- 1990, Jhowail- 1991, Hemnagar- 1992, Kalihati- 1970, Rajafair- 1971, Nagbari- 1972, Ballabazar- 1973, Elinga- 1974, Palisha- 1975, Nagarbari SO- 1976, Nagarbari- 1977, Kashkawlia- 1930, Madhupur- 1996, Dhobari- 1997, Mirzapur- 1940, Gorai- 1941, M.C. College- 1942, Warri paikpara- 1943, Jarmuki- 1944, Mohera- 1945, Nagarpur- 1936, Dhuburia- 1937, Salimabad- 1938, Sakhipur- 1950, Kochua- 1951, Tangail Sadar- 1900, Kagmari- 1901, Santosh- 1902, Korotia- 1903, Purabari- 1904.

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