Dinajpur District is located in the east of Rangpur district

Dinajpur district is in Rangpur division. It is located in Northern Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Thakurgaon and Panchagarh districts in the south, Gaibandha and Joypurhat district in the south, Nilphamari and Rangpur district in the east and the condition of West Bengal in India in the west. This district was a part of Pundravardhana. Then the named of Devkot was a place in there. This place was rotated as capital of Lakhnauti. It was located 11 miles south of Dinajpur. Next time, this district was established in 1786 by the British ruler. In 1833, Purnia, Rangpur and Rajshahi district were included to this district. This district was turned into from these districts in 1984. The total area of this district is 3437.98 sq km. There are people of the four religions in this district. Besides, ethnic people are also lived in this district. This district is available educational institution as Dinajpur Govt. School, Dinajpur Govt. Girls School, Dinajpur Zilla School, Dinajpur Govt. College, Dinajpur national university and Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University and so on. Here, every educational institution is very developed day by day in Dinajpur district. Result of every educational institution is very hopefully.

Dinajpur district map
Dinajpur district map

Dinajpur district information

There are few local daily and weekly newspapers in this district as Daily Teesta, Daily Uttar Bangla, Daily Ajker Desh Barta, Daily Potralap, Daily Jonomot, Daily Ajker Protiva, Daily Uttora, Daily Kanchon, Daily Polli Barta, Daily Sorno Sokal, Daily Khobor Aakdin, Daily Awami Kantho, Weekly Digonto Barta, Weekly Gazi, Weekly Ziro Point, Weekly Desh Ma, Weekly Atopor, Weekly Awami Kantho, Weekly Ajker Dinajpur and Weekly Uttor kantho. These newspapers are very urgent for this district. Besides, these newspapers are also developed day by day. People of this district are involved to different occupations such as commerce, agriculture, laborer, wage laborer, transport, service, job etc. But agriculture is the common occupation in this district. There are main crops and vegetables in this district like wheat, maize, potato, brinjal and tomato. Main fruits are lichi, mango, banana, jackfruit and blackberry. Main exports of among them are lichi, mango, paddy, wheat etc. Mango and fruits are famous in this district. This district is plenty grow of lichi. Lichi is a popular fruits in this district. The economical sector its have put enormous contribute.

Dinajpur district picture
Dinajpur district picture

Tourist spots of this district

Tourist spots have many in this district for example Kantajew Temple, Kaliya Jue Temple, Gorashohid Boro-Moydan, Nayabad Mosque, Aowkora Mosque, Dinajpur Rajbari, Dipshikha School in Rudrapur, Ramsagar, Hili Land Port, Shopnopuri artificial amusement park, Nowpara Ideal Village, Ghughu-danga Zamidar Bari, Singra Forest etc. Railway and Roads and highway are the main transportation in Dinajpur. Moreover, other transportation has also in here. This district‘s other side are also developed. Authority of Dinajpur district has also taken decision for development.

Upazilas of Dinajpur district: Birampur upazila, Birganj upazila, Biral upazila, Bochaganj upazila, Chirirbandar upazila, Phulbari upazila, Ghoraghat upazila, Hakimpur upazila, Kaharole upazila, Khansama upazila, Dinajpur sadar upazila, Nawabganj upazila, Parbatipur upazila and Manmathapur upazila.

Government district portal: dinajpur.gov.bd

Online newspaper: erangpurchitra.com.

Post Code Numbers: Bangla Hili- 5270, Biral- 5210, Birampur- 5266, Birganj- 5220, Chrirbandar- 5240, Ranirbandar- 5241, Dinajpur Sadar- 5200, Dinajpur Rajbari- 5201, Khansama- 5230, Pakarhat- 5231, Maharajganj- 5226, Nababganj- 5280, Daudpur- 5281, Gopalpur- 5282, Osmanpur- 5290, Ghoraghat- 5291, Parbatipur- 5250, Phulbari- 5260, Setabganj- 5216.