Thakurgaon district is include north-western side of BD, know?

Thakurgaon district picture

Thakurgaon district is in the north-western side of Bangladesh. It is a part of Rangpur division. It borders India to the west and it is a Himalayan plain land. It is about 467 km from Dhaka. In 1947, it was established with Dinajpur of East Bengal. Then it was turned into establishing in 1984. It is bounded by Dinajpur district ...

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Rangpur district is included to Rangpur Division, Bangladesh

Rangpur district picture

Rangpur district information Rangpur district is  in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur division. It is also known as composed division. This town is the divisional headquarter. It was established in 1984. It is surrounded by Nilphamari district on the north, Gaibandha district on the south, Kurigram district on the east and Dinajpur district on the west. ...

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Panchagarh district, where is it located? want to know?

Panchagarh district picture

Panchagarh district is a of Rangpur division and it is situated in northern part of Bangladesh. Named of this district is a traditional history. Panch means five and garhs means forts. Five forts are Bhitargarh, Hosaingarh, Mirgarh, Rajangarh and Devengarh. To depend on five garhs, the named of Panchagarh is fixed. It was established in 1984. It has an area ...

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Nilphamari District, it was established in 1875.

Nilphamari district picture

Nilphamari district is in northern side of Bangladesh. It is a part of Rangpur division. It is far away 400 km from Dhaka in north and west side. This district is bounded by Rangpur and Lalmonirhat in the east, Rangpur and Dinajpur in south, Dinajpur and Panchagarh in west, Siliguri of India in north. Formerly, this district was under Rajshahi ...

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Lalmonirhat District has many education institutions

Lalmonirhat district picture

Lalmonirhat district is of Rangpur division. It is situated at the north side boundary of Bangladesh. It has established as a district on 1st February 1984. It has an area of 1241.46 sq km. It is bounded by Koch Bihar and Jalpaiguri to the north, Rangpur district to the south, Kurigram district and Koch Bihar to the east and Nilphamari ...

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Kurigram District have many beautiful tourist spots

Kurigram district picture

Kurigram district is located in the Rangpur division and in northern Bangladesh. It was established on 23 January 1984. It has an area 2296.10 sq km. It is surrounded by Cooch Behar district of India in the north, Gaibandha district of Bangladesh in the south, Assam state of India in the east and Lalmonirhat and Rangpur districts of Bangladesh in ...

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Gaibandha District, would you like to know about this district?

Gaibandha district picture

Gaibandha district is in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur division. It has a total area of 2179.27 sq km. At first, it was established in 1875. Then it was recovered establishing in 1984. It has surrounded by the Kurigram and Rangpur to the north, Bogra district to the south, Dinajpur and Rangpur district to the west ...

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Dinajpur District is located in the east of Rangpur district

Dinajpur district picture

Dinajpur district is in Rangpur division. It is located in Northern Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Thakurgaon and Panchagarh districts in the south, Gaibandha and Joypurhat district in the south, Nilphamari and Rangpur district in the east and the condition of West Bengal in India in the west. This district was a part of Pundravardhana. Then the named of Devkot ...

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Rajshahi District, do you know this district famous for mango?

Rajshahi district map

Rajshahi district is a city and it is located in the north- west of Bangladesh. This district is situated on the northern banks of the river Padma. It is not only district but also division. It is one of the seven metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. Previously, the name of Rampur Boalia was known to this district. From that name was ...

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Pabna District is a very development district

Pabna district picture

Pabna district is in north-western Bangladesh. It is the southern district of Bangladesh and it is a part of the Rajshahi division. It is the historical place. The name of Pabna can be consequent from Pundra or Poondrobordhon civil it was imaged Archeologist Cunningham, whose capital was Mahasthangarh, it is the oldest city of Bangladesh and it is linked by ...

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