Faridpur District, would you like to know about fruits?

Faridpur district picture

Faridpur district is in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. It is situated on the banks of the Padma River. This district was broken into five separate districts Rajbari, Gopalgonj, Madaripur, Shariatpur and Faridpur in 1984. That time this district was established. The area of this district is 2027.72 sq km. This district is bordered by ...

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Dhaka District, do you know Dhaka University located in here?

Dhaka district picture

Dhaka district is located in central Bangladesh. It is a part of Dhaka division and this district is a capital of Bangladesh. It is the economic, educational, administration, political and cultural center as a whole in this country. It was established in 1772. Its area is 1463.60 sq km. North of this district is situated Gazipur and Tangail district, Munshiganj ...

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Rangamati District, Karniphuli river is the main attraction

Rangamati district picture

Rangamati district is an excellent place and the largest district among the other districts of Bangladesh. It is a part of Chittagong division and it is a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It is 77km away from Chittagong. It is an excellent scenic beauty and lakeside location north eastern part of Bangladesh. The Tripura border state of India to ...

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Meghna is the main river in Noakhali District.

Noakhali district picture

Noakhali district is the situated the Bay of Bengal on the south and it included to Chittagong division. It is located in south-eastern of Bangladesh. The ancient name of Noakhali Sadar was Sudharam. Chittagong and Feni district on the east side of it. It is surrounded by Comilla on the north side. On the south of this district is situated ...

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Where is located Lakshmipur District? Of course want to know?

Lakshmipur district picture

Lakshmipur district is another small district in Bangladesh. It included to Chittagong division on the south-east of Bangladesh. On the north of this district are located Chandpur district, Bhola and Noakhali district to the south, Noakhali district to the east and Barisal and Bhola district to the west. In 1930-40 century, it became the education, entertainment and sports area in ...

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Khagrachari District is a very amazing place

Khagrachari district picture

Khagrachari district is the wonderful tourist spot district of Bangladesh. It is a district in south-eastern of Bangladesh. It is situated on the Chittagong division. It is included by hills and Smalls Rivers. Its around are unlimited natural beauty to see very awesome. Tripura of India is of this district on the north and north-west, Chittagong district is located on ...

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Feni District was established in 1984

Feni district picture

Feni district is a small of Bangladesh. It is a part of Chittagong division. This district becomes connect with Mirsori, Chagolnaiya and Amirgawon in 1875. Before in 1984, it was a part of Noakhali district. Then Feni district was established in 1984. This district has boundary with Tripura in India, Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla ...

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Cox’s bazar District is the main attraction to the foreigners

Cox's Bazar district picture

Cox’s bazar district is a familiar name as Porjoton city of Bangladesh. Generally, ancient name of it was Bakoli. Mid in the 17th centuries name was ‘‘PENGWA”. Basically it was a Rakhynes work. However that name means ‘‘Yellow Flower”. In 1784, Burmese King Monwaing attacked Cox’s Bazar. He killed the Arakanese king and took control of this area. Captain Hiram ...

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Comilla district, moinamoti historical place is located in here

Comilla district picture

Comilla district is in Bangladesh. It is located about 100 kilometers south-east the capital city of Dhaka. It is established as a district of Bengal by the British in 1790. After in 1983, Comilla thana was officially converted into an Upazilla. Foyzunnessa that was be poet, educationalist and a great donor. She lived in this district. Comilla district information Moreover ...

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Chittagong District is also public varsity and medical college

Chittagong district picture

Chittagong district is a second capital city of Bangladesh. It is Located in the south-eastern side of the country. This district is surrounded by river, sea and hill. It is the largest port city of the county. Basically it is known as large port. It is the city for sell abroad and introduce. In 16th and 17th century, this region ...

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