Gaibandha District, would you like to know about this district?

Gaibandha district is in northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur division. It has a total area of 2179.27 sq km. At first, it was established in 1875. Then it was recovered establishing in 1984. It has surrounded by the Kurigram and Rangpur to the north, Bogra district to the south, Dinajpur and Rangpur district to the west and Jamalpur and Kurigram district and Brahmanbaria River to the east. The Muslims, Hindu and others are also live in this district. Most people are Muslim in here.

Gaibandha district information

There are many educational institutions in this district like government colleges, non-government colleges, government high schools, non-government high schools, junior high schools, madrasas, government primary schools, non-government primary schools, kindergartens, satellite schools, community schools and primary teacher’s training institute and so on. For these institutions, different poor children are getting light of education. As a result, literacy rate is increasing day by day and every person is awarding in different fact.
Few local daily and weekly newspapers are published such as Daily Ajker Jonogon, Daily Modhukor, Daily Jonosonket and Weekly Obiram. As a district, its newspapers are very developed.

Gaibandha district map
Gaibandha district map

Main occupations are agriculture, agriculture laborer, wage laborer, transport, commerce, service and others. Here most land is fertile for crops cultivation. This district is main crops such as paddy, wheat, jute, sugarcane, potato, brinjal, mustard seed, chili, onion, garlic and vegetables. Besides, there are some artificial domestic animals reproduction centers for example poultries, dairies, fisheries, hatcheries, nurseries etc. For all these things this district is also enriched. From here different crops are export in other countries as paddy, wheat, chili etc. Accordingly, this district is earned much money that is added in economical sector of Bangladesh. This district is main rivers as Bromoputro, korotoa, Tista, Ghaghot, Manos, Bangalee etc.

Excellent rivers & different kinds organizations

These rivers are special contribution in products export. There are many cultural organizations in Gaibandha district for instance public libraries, theater groups, cultural organizations, literary organizations, women’s organizations, cinema halls and theater stages, opera parties, shilpakala academy, shishu academy, children organizations and playgrounds. Different people of this district are many busy in different work. So, they are past time alongside of work.

Gaibandha district picture
Gaibandha district picture

Tourist Spots

Tourist spots have in this district like Balashi Ghat, Gaibandha, Ghagar Bazar Mazar, Shibram Adorsho govt. primary school and Gaibandha Powro Park and so on. These tourist spots are very delightful and pleasurable. Tourism are come to visit this place. Besides, its natural beauty is also very fine to look at. Foreigners are also eagerly to these places.
Moreover, there are some traditions in this district as Raja Birat Palace, Noldhangar Jaminder Bari, Bordhon Kuthi, Mirer Baganer Oitohashik Shah Sultan Gazir Mosjid, Bharot Khali Kali Mondir, Mohimaganj Chinikol and Bhovaniganj post office. These traditions are also famous for this district. Decorations of these traditions are very brilliant. Tourisms are too come here. Gaibandha district is reached at about development day by day. All side of this district is much enriched. This district’s environment is very safe and sound as well as it’s around is very clean.

Upazilas of Gaibandha district: Gaibandha sadar upazila, Gobindaganj upazila, Palashbari upazila, Phulchhari upazila, Sadullapur upazila and Sughatta upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: erangpurchitra.

Post Code Numbers: Bonarpara- 5750, Saghata- 5751, Gaibandha Sadar- 5700, Gobindhaganj- 5740, Mahimaganj- 5741, Palashbari- 5730, Phulchhari- 5760, Bharatkhali- 5761, Saadullapur- 5710, Naldanga- 5711, Sundarganj- 5720, Bamandanga- 5721.